Asheville Daycare Negligence Lawyer

A child plays on the playground at a daycare.

Choosing the right daycare for your child involves an agreement of trust. You trust this facility to provide adequate care and a safe environment so that you can reasonably go to your job or perform necessary errands. However, every year several children are injured — some fatally — by negligence at child care facilities.

If your child has been hurt while under the supervision of a daycare center or other child care facility in Asheville or elsewhere in North or South Carolina, you have legal rights and may be able to pursue compensation from any and all negligent parties. Compensation may be available for your hospital bills as well as other damages.

You can speak with a knowledgeable, experienced Asheville daycare accident lawyer from Auger & Auger to learn more about relevant laws and your best legal options. We can provide information based on our experience with past cases, including what legal obligations a daycare center has towards parents and children, what the most common types of accidents are, and how to pursue proper compensation with the help of a child care accident attorney in Asheville.

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What Are Common Daycare Accidents in Asheville?

When people think of daycare accidents, they may think of minor scrapes and bruises that can reasonably occur while children play. However, there are many types of severe accidents that can — and do occur — because of unreasonable negligence.

Common types of child care center accidents seen in Asheville include:

  • Falls, including from playground equipment or changing tables
  • Choking after swallowing materials while unsupervised
  • Hands and fingers crushed by doors and drawers
  • Ingesting poisonous substances, such as cleaning agents
  • Injuries caused by unsafe equipment or activities
  • Severe allergic reactions or foodborne illness caused by negligent food handling
  • Bathroom accidents that occur because of improper supervision
  • Other accidents caused by staff negligence

After your child has been involved in any of the types of accidents above, the daycare center may try to mislead you or confuse you as to your legal rights. They may tell inaccurate narratives as to how the injury occurred, or their insurance company may attempt to offer you an unfair settlement before you have the chance to get informed of your true legal rights.

In these situations, parents should speak with an Asheville daycare accident attorney to learn how and why the daycare center could be held responsible for the injuries caused. Daycare centers that provide substandard care or perform acts of negligence can be liable for all associated damages and costs.

How Are Asheville Day Care Centers Regulated?

Child care center facilities and community-based Family Child Care Home businesses are both heavily regulated under North Carolina laws and overseen by the Division of Child Development and Early Education (NCDHHS).

Getting a child care facility license requires the completion of an extensive licensing workshop with the NCDHHS. Before a license is considered, the operator of the facility must meet with consultants to review child care laws and guidelines, discuss intended floor plans, and start completing the necessary paperwork.

Afterward, the operator can undergo a review to ensure they’ve met all the requirements. They may be issued a full license, granted a provisional license that requires the correction of certain issues, or have their application denied altogether. Once approved, the NCDHHS will have at least two unannounced visits to the center in order to ensure continued compliance.

Common rules governing facilities require safety practices in both indoor and outdoor environments as well as strict staff-to-child ratios. Daycare centers are also generally expected to “exercise ordinary care” as a “reasonable person” in their profession would in order to prevent child harm.

Working with a Daycare Center Accident Attorney in Asheville

After your child’s accident, you will want to discuss your legal possibilities with a child care accident attorney. They will reveal the legal obligations the center may have violated and point the way forward to an investigation that could reveal the full extent of negligence or non-compliance with state laws.

A successful child care accident claim can bring families much-needed funds to pay for the child’s medical bills, both past and future. Your claim could also be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering, psychiatric therapy, and possible punitive damages.

The childcare accident attorneys at Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers understand how difficult it can be to watch your child suffer because many of us are parents ourselves. We promise to fight for your full legal rights to pursue the maximum amount of compensation available from all liable parties. We also promise to guide and advise you during this tense process while removing as much of the burden from you as possible.

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