Asheville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There’s probably no greater symbol of freedom in America than hopping on a motorcycle and hitting the open road. The speed on an empty highway can be a thrill, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Bikers have much less protection than drivers and passengers when they get on the road. All they have is a helmet and (hopefully) a jacket to protect them from the pavement if they get in a wreck.

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in North Carolina, you may be dealing with incredibly serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries. As a motorcycle accident victim or the surviving family member of a victim, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. With the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Asheville, you may be able to recover a variety of different damages.

At Auger & Auger, we have over 26 years of experience representing motorcycle accident injury victims. We know how to take on the insurance companies, who will do everything they can to pay out as little as possible to you. With our skills and experience, we know how to get you a fair settlement out of court or, if needed, win your case in court. 

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How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents in Asheville?

In 2017, there were 3,722 total motorcycle accidents throughout North Carolina. This number includes 145 fatal crashes and 2,991 injury crashes. As you may expect the majority of all motorcycle accidents happened during the spring and summer, from April to September. They peaked in July, at 428 accidents.

Fatal injuries were common throughout the year. There were 18 fatal wrecks in August, and 16 in both September and April. Injury accidents, on the other hand, followed a similar trend as accidents in general, meaning they were most common during the warm months. The most injuries occurred in July, with 404 wrecks. 

In Buncombe County, home to Asheville, there were 111 total motorcycle accidents in 2017. These included 88 nonfatal injury wrecks, resulting in 105 total injuries, in addition to 6 fatal wrecks resulting in 6 deaths. That means there were 28 motorcycle crashes that resulted in property damage only.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents in North Carolina?

Motorcycle accidents can happen for any number of reasons. For instance, inexperienced riders may not realize how fast they’re going and lose control of their bike. But in many cases, accidents are caused by other drivers on the road. They may not see the motorcycle or, in rare instances, drivers may take intentional actions against bikers.

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is the head-on collision. In motorcycle wrecks, the bike is hit from the front almost 80 percent of the time. By comparison, motorcycles are hit in the rear only 5 percent of the time. When a motorcyclist is involved in a head-on collision, fatalities are all too common.

Left-hand turns are also incredibly dangerous. Cars making left-hand turns account for over 40 percent of all accidents involving a car and a motorcycle. When a car or motorcycle is turning left in an intersection, the other vehicle may hit them as they come straight through an intersection. While these accidents do happen between two cars, motorcycles are much harder to see, making these accidents quite common.

No matter the cause of your accident, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Asheville can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents often result in much more serious injuries than typical car accidents. As we mentioned before, motorcyclists have a lot less protection between themselves and the road than car drivers do. Drivers have the car frame, airbags and other elements that are designed to prevent serious injuries. 

Bikers, on the other hand, have (at best) a helmet, a riding jacket, riding pants and boots to keep them from being too injured. If a motorcyclist is thrown from their vehicle, their protective clothing may not be adequate to really protect them. 

Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Head and brain injuries, including concussions, brain bleeds, comas, and even death. These can range from mild to severe; the right helmet can prevent many of these injuries.
  • Broken bones, which can occur in the legs, arms, feet, hands, and torso. While these injuries are often not life-threatening, broken bones can result in punctured organs and damaged arteries.
  • Road rash, which can be serious enough to lead to infections, nerve damage, and other severe conditions.
  • Soft tissue injuries, like whiplash, sprains, strains, torn muscles and other conditions that can leave you incapacitated for weeks or even months.
  • Neck and back injuries, which can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis either in the legs or throughout your body.

Get the Help You Need from an Asheville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

After you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you have legal options. At Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers, we have over 26 years of experience representing motorcycle accident victims. We help our clients get the compensation they deserve to recover their losses, including compensation for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Physical pain
  • Mental suffering
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Property damage
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Wrongful death
  • And more

Don’t accept any offer from the insurance company before you speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Asheville. Once you accept that offer, you forfeit your right to seek further compensation. Give us a call at (828) 222-7649 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how much we may be able to get you.