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5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy in the Car

Child plays on tablet during travelDistracted driving is on the rise, and there are few things more distracting than passengers — including children. Distracted driving is on the rise, and it is the leading cause of car accidents in many parts of the country. If you regularly travel with your children in tow, one of the best things you can do is to keep them entertained.

When your children have things to do in the car, they are less likely to fight, argue and engage you in distracting conversation. Here are five ways you can keep your little ones busy in the backseat.

1. Go Bags

Have a go bag for each of your children. Purchase a small backpack or other type of bag for each of your kids and let them pack them with things they can do in the car. Coloring books and crayons, comic books, MP3 players and more can be packed in the bag and pulled out for entertainment. By letting your children choose their own items, they are more likely to put them to use.

2. Music

You may not want to listen to the latest Disney soundtrack in your car but if it will keep the kids quiet, why not? Let your children choose a playlist before your journey to prevent arguing over the radio station. Even better, if you can find an audio book to play, your children may be quietly engaged for the whole trip.

3. Play Games

Come up with an in-car game to keep the kids occupied. Give them a piece of paper and a pencil and tell them to make a mark every time they see a green car. Tell them to point to every blue house they see. There are dozens of games you can play in the car. It won’t keep the kids completely silent, but it will give them something to focus their attention on if you make the game age appropriate.

4. Movies

If your little ones have their own electronic devices, download a movie and let them watch it, with ear buds in, in the backseat. Netflix offers the ability to download movies if you are a subscriber. You can also purchase or rent movies from a variety of other sites and services.

5. Snack Packs

Find an appropriate container and make snack packs for your children. This will prevent you from having to listen to a chorus of “we’re hungry” every time you pass a fast food restaurant. Pack a bottle of water or a juice box to go with the snacks and you will have happy munchers sitting behind you.

Traveling with children can be distracting, but you can minimize those distractions by using the tips above. You may not be able completely eliminate your children’s talking or moving, but you can reduce both with a bit of pre-planning.

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