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6 Children Die Using Nap Nanny: Misuse or Malfunction?

image004 Recently, an 8 month old girl secured by a seat belt to the “Nap Nanny” seat became trapped between the seat and the crib bumper and died (Picture to the right shows a doll in the unsafe position).

The product “Nap Nanny” was originally recalled after 5 cases of infant deaths using the product, and not by the manufacturer- Toys R’ Us and are among the 4 major retailers to recall the Nap Nanny themselves. Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has been negotiating a mandatory recall with the manufacturing company, Baby Matters, it has been unsuccessful, and opened a law suit against Baby Matters.

The company’s founder, mother and Philadelphia sportscaster Leslie Gudel, contends that her product is safe, and that no baby has died while using the “Nap Nanny” correctly.

The first product was initially recalled and redesigned in 2010 after the first reported infant death. Additional warning labels were added, sides were raised, and an instructional video was even put on the company website.

The CPSC says that the nap nanny poses “a substantial risk of injury or death to infants,” however, according to Gudel, “when the Nap Nanny has been used properly, no infant has ever suffered an injury requiring medical attention.”

The parents of the children who have died in the Nap Nanny admit that they put their babies in the Nap Nanny inside of cribs or in high places, which the warning labels explicitly say not to do. When babies gain the ability to crawl or roll over the edges of the Nap Nanny, they can easily fall far distances onto hard surfaces or suffocate if they are trapped between the Nap Nanny and a crib wall.

5 of the 6 deaths attributed to the Nap Nanny recliner were cases in which the product was placed inside of a crib and fell through a crack.  The 6th death was caused when the baby rolled over onto his stomach and suffocated due to not being secured in the harness.

Public response has been surprisingly one-sided, citing the problem to be caused by the parents rather than the product itself. As the product is meant to be “standalone,” meaning to be used independently of a crib, 5 of the 6 deaths are caused by not reading the directions. The other death was caused by the

As of now, it is illegal to sell the Nap Nanny in the United States, and Feds urge parents to stop using it.

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