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Your Car Is Not Your Dining Room

Man driving and eatingYou know that using your cell phone or mobile device in your car is distracting. You know that screaming children in the backseat can be not only distracting, but aggravating. But have you considered that eating in the car can also be distracting?

You are busy and your time is short. It’s often easier to make your coffee and take it on the road. You run through the drive thru for a quick breakfast and eat it on the way to work. Hold on a minute. Before you decide to eat your next meal in the car, consider this.

You Drip

You can be as careful as you want to be, but eating that cheeseburger is messy. Condiments drip out, lettuce falls, and onions cascade. The same can be said for tacos and other loosely-built foods. Few people can keep their eyes on the road as their sandwich drips onto their clean and pressed pants.

You Spill

Your coffee tips. Your pop explodes. Whatever it is, any liquid has the chance of spilling. Think about hot coffee in your lap or your soda landing on your laptop. Think you can keep driving in a straight line? Chances are slim. You can wait for 30 minutes before your next drink. If you have a long commute, stick to water.

You Swerve

Any time something lands in your lap, you run the risk of taking your eyes off of the road. When your eyes leave the road, you increase the risk of drifting in your lane or swerving into the next. It simply isn’t worth it. Eating in the car may have been something you have done a hundred times without incident, but it is that one time that can change your life forever.

If you are hungry in the morning, set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier. If you don’t have time to eat a full meal, grab a bagel, a toaster pastry, or a piece of fruit. No meal in the car is worth the possible consequences of your actions. Eating in the car is distracted driving. Add it to the list of things you should never do when you are behind the wheel.

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