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Four Winter Car Preparedness Myths Debunked

 Winter Car PreparednessAs people prepare to drive through winter weather, it is not unusual for them to talk to friends and family or even consult the Internet. Unfortunately, there are some myths that have prevailed over the years that people are still buying into. Here are four of those myths to be aware of.

  1. Winter Tires Are Not Needed

Many people think that winter tires are only made for driving through snow and over ice. The truth is that they are designed for maneuvering better over cold pavement as well. All-season and summer tires get hard in the cold weather and don’t move as well. Winter tires stay pliable and stick to the pavement better.

  1. All-Wheel Drive Is Completely Safe

All-wheel drive may make it easier to drive in the snow, but it does not make you invincible. In fact, having all-wheel drive can give people a false sense of security and contribute to poor driving. If you have all-wheel drive, consider it a bonus and not a reason to go tearing down the highway.

  1. All-Season Tires Are Good Enough

No. It really is that simple. All-season tires are not good enough for winter driving. Think of your own feet. Sandals are fine for the summer, but you want the traction of snow boots in the winter. Tires on your car perform the same sort of function.

  1. Under Inflate Your Tires

You may hear that the best thing you can do is to under inflate your tires. Not so. As the temperature drops, your tires naturally deflate. You lose pressure without doing it purposely. What you should be doing is making sure your tires are at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer so that you have maximum traction.

Don’t buy into any of these long-standing myths. Doing so only puts you in danger on the road. Instead, talk to people who are really in the know about what to do with your car in the winter: mechanics.

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