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Keeping Your Guests Safe This Season

Dog resting in its crateAre you the house that everyone gravitates to during the holidays? If your house is the go-to for the best celebrations, it is up to you to make sure your guests are safe. Few of us think to run through our homes for potential dangers, but that is exactly what you should do. Follow these tips to be sure your house is ready for guests this season.

  1. If It Is Loose, Tighten It

Do you have loose railings that you have been ignoring? Is the handle on your door about to pop off? Now is the time to fix all of those little things that you have been putting off because you have just been too busy. Tighten loose railings, hammer down loose steps, and tuck away stray cords.

  1. Trip and Falls

Speaking of loose cords…are there things laying around that your guests could trip over? You shouldn’t have any cords running across your floors, and any loose rugs should be rolled up and put away. If there is something in your home that could cause a slip, trip or fall, be sure to either fix it or put it away.

  1. Unfriendly Fido

Your dog likes your friends and family…one at a time that is. Even the nicest dog can freak out in a crowd. Keep your dog safe and your guests safer. Not only do you want your guests to leave your home without getting bitten, but you want to be sure that your guests aren’t feeding your dog toxic foods or alcohol. Put your dog in a crate or in a comfy bedroom for the evening.

  1. You Are Not a Bar

You may not be a bar, but if you are serving alcohol, your best bet is to act like one. Pay close attention to guests to be sure they aren’t overly intoxicated. Stop serving alcohol at a designated time, and be sure that your guests are eating enough food to absorb their alcohol.

  1. Be a Taxi

When it comes to alcohol, you need to be sure that your guests aren’t drinking and driving. Plan on having at least one sober person at your party who can act as a taxi should anyone need a ride.

Having a party is about more than entertaining. Keeping everyone safe should be your ultimate goal. Follow the tips above to make sure that your guests leave your home uninjured and happy.

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