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Man Killed When Scooter Hit By Car

2011 GIO 500W Electic Scooter: First Thoughts11/29/2014 – A young man has been killed in an accident involving his scooter and a car.

Saturday night, Atilio Vasquez, a 22-year-old man, was killed when the scooter he was driving on Glenwood Avenue was struck by a car driven by Chun Evans. Evans failed to reduce the speed of his vehicle, striking the scooter and killing Vasquez at the scene.

Evans and his passengers were not hurt in the collision.

Evans was arrested following the accident and charged with death by motor vehicle (misdemeanor), simple possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The exact details of the accident are still under investigation.

Scooters in North Carolina

Under current North Carolina law, a moped or scooter is any two- or four-wheeled motorized vehicle that is unable to exceed speeds of 30mph and has an engine no larger than 50 cubic centimeters. Any motorized vehicle of this type that does exceed 30 mph is considered a motorcycle and must be registered as such.

In North Carolina, any person may legally drive a scooter on the roadway provided they are 16 years old. Drivers are not required to have a driver’s license, but they are required to wear a helmet.

Avoiding Accidents

Like it or not, motor vehicles must share the road with mopeds and scooters just as they must share them with bicycles. As scooters become increasingly popular modes of transportation, it is important for both drivers and operators of other motor vehicles to know how to avoid accidents.

Scooter Drivers

  • Consider the time of day. Driving your scooter through rush hour traffic can be hazardous.
  • Go with the flow. As a scooter operator, you are required to move with the flow of traffic.
  • Light it up. Be sure that your scooter is equipped with lights and keep them on at all times.
  • Stick to back roads. There are no laws that say you cannot drive on busy streets or those that have speed limits in excess of your scooter’s abilities. Use common sense. Stick to the roads on which you will be able to keep up with the speed of other traffic.

Other Drivers

  • Stay vigilant. Distracted driving injures and kills people every day. Stay vigilant while you drive, and do not rely solely on your mirrors to tell you if a scooter is driving next to you.
  • Pass safely. It is common to get impatient with scooter drivers who are impeding the speed of traffic. If you must pass a scooter, pass carefully.
  • Stay away. Do not ride the back end of a scooter. Keep at least two car lengths of distance between you and a scooter ahead of you.

Drivers of all types of motor vehicles have a responsibility to share the road safely. If you have been injured in an accident, contact the experienced car accident and personal injury attorneys at Auger & Auger. Each member of our team is here to work to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call now!

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