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Police Chases Lead to Crashes

Contrary to what is portrayed in action movies, police chases are not a job perk of being a police officer. They are very dangerous to the officers and to the general public, even though they may be necessary to catch an even more dangerous criminal. Crashes from police chases can happen, and one in Charlotte happened last week.

In this case, the police units involved were US Marshalls hunting for a federal fugitive. They identified the man and he took off in his car. A chase started through North Charlotte. In the end the man was captured, but one of the deputies crashed into a tractor trailer while in pursuit. A witness says he was going so fast that there was no way he could have stopped in time.

According to the NHTSA in a study of data from 1994 to 2002, there were 2654 fatal crashes involving police chases with a total number killed of 3146. 1088 of these people were not in the fleeing vehicle. While the rate of death from a police chase is very low compared to many other things, one death is still too many.

If you have been injured as a third party in a police chase, you may wish to consult with a lawyer about pursuing damages from the police department. Innocent parties shouldn’t have to suffer for the actions of police chases, no matter what the reasons. Call the law offices of Auger & Auger today so we can consult with you about your case.

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