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Safe Driving Tips You May Not Have Thought Of

Two cars collide in a severe accident Safe driving. It is something many drivers take for granted. We use our turn signals, we only merge after we check our mirrors, and we always turn our heads to check out our blind spots. But what about the things we don’t think about? Here are a few safe driving tips that aren’t exactly unusual, but may be uncommon.

1. Don’t Reflect Your Car

Most people don’t have their side mirrors adjusted correctly. In fact, if you sit in your driver’s seat and look in your side mirrors, chances are that you will see a bit of your car reflected. When you adjust your side mirrors, do so until the sides of your car just disappear. This will help to eliminate blind spots.

2. Choose Music Wisely

Research has been conducted into the type of music that drivers listen to. A study in Israel showed that drivers who were listening to music in the car were less excitable – their heart rhythms remained steady throughout their course. That said, they also drove more recklessly. Listening to music with a slow tempo was shown to be less dangerous than listening to music with a fast tempo or heavy beats.

3. Turn Your Headlights On

If your vehicles isn’t equipped with daytime running lights, turn your headlights on. Having your headlights on reduces your chances of being involved in an accident by up to 32 percent. If your car is equipped with automatic lights, this only means that they will turn on when the sun starts to set. To be visible to other drivers, turn your lights on manually.

4. Use Your Parking Brake

Steel cables can rust and fail. If you aren’t in the habit of using your parking brake, try to remember to do so, if only to keep it in good working order. A parking brake in an automatic transmission is actually an emergency brake. It is meant to override your foot brake in the case that it fails. You don’t want to find out that your emergency brake lines have corroded when you need it.

5. Handle a Blowout Correctly

Tires fail for any number of reasons. If you experience a blowout, you will need to do the things that are counter to your immediate reaction. Instead of hitting the brakes, hit the gas. This will help you regain control of your car. Gently depress the accelerator until you are able to steer the car and then let off. Do not apply the brake. Let your car stop on its own and slowly steer your way to safety.

While come car accidents are avoidable through safe driving, not all are. The best thing that you can do for yourself and your passengers is to drive safely and stay aware. If you are involved in a car accident in Charlotte or the surrounding area, call our experienced car accident attorneys for a free case evaluation. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and property damage.

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