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Stop Kids From Distracting Your Driving

Kids carrying backpacks ready for tripAre we there yet? It is the question that no parent wants to hear during a road trip, but one that every parent does. If you are planning on a trip down the lane to Grandmother’s house this holiday season, be prepared. With a few proactive moves on your part, you can help to lessen your children’s likelihood of distracting you while you drive.

1. Pack a Bag
Better yet, let your kids pack a bag. Give each child a kids’ sized backpack and let them fill it with their favorite car-friendly activities. Your child may pack a favorite stuffed animal and simply go to sleep in the back seat. He or she may pack a coloring book and a box of crayons. Letting your little ones pack their own bags makes it more likely that they will be kept quiet in the car.

2. Technology
Chances are that your older kids aren’t going to be satisfied with activity bags. Let them download a few new applications onto your smartphone or tablet. If they have their own mobile device, even better. New apps will hold your kids’ interest far longer than ones they are used to playing.

3. Stop Frequently
Kids need a chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs. Stop more often than you think you need to and let everyone stretch their arms and legs. Make sure that little ones use the restroom as well.

4. Snacks
Lunch-size coolers are a good, road-friendly option. Pack a cooler of water, juice and granola bars or healthy snacks. This will prevent your kids from asking to stop at every big yellow M they see as you are driving down the highway.

5. Keep Kids in the Know
Let your kids know how much longer they have. Give them updates. Part of the problem with kids is not knowing where they are going or how long it is going to take to get there. Give them landmarks. “When we see the cowboy on the sign, we are halfway there” or “We only have 30 more minutes.” Keep them updated on the progress of the trip.

Kids as distractions can be dangerous to the entire family and others on the road. Use these tips to be sure that your kids are entertained in the car and out of your hair. You’ll all be happier when you finally get where you are going.

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