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USDA Says Foodborne Illnesses Occur More Often in Summer

Salad and Foodborne illnessFood poisoning, or foodborne illness, is a danger at any time of year, but especially when the heat rises. According to the USDA, foodborne illnesses peak during the summer months for different reasons. If you are planning on enjoying the summer weather with a cookout this year, pay close attention to the rest of this article.

Natural Causes

Natural causes of foodborne illnesses are common. Specifically, bacteria present in water, air, soil, water and the bodies of people and pets. The bacteria that is always present grows faster during the hot weather of summer. Hot and humid weather is perfect for bacteria that grows fastest when temperatures reach 90 to 110-degrees Fahrenheit. When bacteria on food grows at such a rapid rate, it can easily make anyone who ingests it sick.

Outdoor Activities

With summer comes an opportunity to take part in all sorts of outdoor activities. People are cooking outdoors on camping trips, at picnics and at celebrations. Having a full kitchen outdoors is a rare privilege. This means that food isn’t contained like it should be, typically isn’t kept at cool temperatures and may not be cooked thoroughly. Additionally, people have fewer opportunities to wash their food or their hands.

Most people have a healthy immune system that allows them to eat food with some level of contamination without issue. Unfortunately, people who do not have optimal immune systems are at the highest risk. Children, the elderly and those who are already sick may have difficulty fighting off this bacteria.

If you plan on cooking outdoors this summer, be careful how you prepare, cook and serve your food. Keep a cooler full of ice for food that needs to be kept cool, cover food that sits out, and throw food away that isn’t eaten after a couple of hours of sitting out.

If you have suffered with food poisoning in Charlotte due to contaminated or recalled food, call our office. A member of our personal injury team will review the details of your illness and advise you of your options as far as seeking compensation. Call now or browse our website for more information about our firm and the assistance we can provide you and your family.

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