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Vehicle Accidents After Dark

shutterstock_531114148It’s not a secret that auto accidents occur more often once the sun sets than they do during the day time. The general lack of light affects drivers, but so do the glaring lights of other vehicles. Poor lighting on back roads and even highways can impair a driver’s ability to see clearly, leading to an increase in collisions.

While a lack of lighting definitely contributes to vehicle accidents, so does driver error. Beyond a lack of light, fatigue and distraction often account for accidents after the sun goes down. Accidents that occur at night can be as catastrophic as those that happen during the day, and many times are more so.

After-Dark Accidents

More than 40 percent of fatalities attributed to vehicle collisions happen at night or in the very early morning hours. Drivers may have an inability to see for longer distances, can be temporarily blinded by oncoming vehicles, and may be distracted by any number of things while driving. All of these things combined mean that a person is three times as likely to die as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident that occurs in the nighttime hours. Other factors may include drivers under the influence of alcohol, improper sign placement and road work.


Like accidents that occur during the day, those that happen at night have a variety of consequences. These may include injury or death or extensive property damage. When injuries occur, long-term medical care may be necessary. When a death occurs, the at-fault driver may face legal repercussions.

Are There Solutions?

If the issue is poor visibility on the part of the driver, visiting an eye doctor may help. As people age, it becomes more difficult to see at night. Prescription eye glasses can help with visibility issues. In other cases, poor visibility can’t be cured by eye glasses and having someone else do the driving at night may be a better solution.

Distracted driving an be eliminated on the part of the driver. Cell phones tucked into bags or put in the glove compartment, fewer passengers in the vehicle, and focusing on the road ahead can all reduce distractions. A person can get enough sleep and make the decision to not drive if they are feeling fatigued. Drivers may also choose to alter their routes, opting to drive on roads that have better lighting than others.

While not all accidents can be prevented, a good number of them can. With a bit of attention and decision-making on the part of a driver, some collisions can be avoided altogether no matter the time of day or night.

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