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Why Workers Compensation is Less Than You Expect

People think when they are injured on the job that workers compensation is going to take care of their needs and replace the paycheck they have been earning. They assume their medical expenses will be covered, and lengthy therapy or long term disabilities will be handled by this program. Maybe in a perfect world — but unfortunately these expectations are way off the mark.

Auger & Auger of South Carolina represents work accident victims of serious work-related injuries, and also families of fatality victims. We know that hazards aren’t only present in ‘high risk’ jobs, and that simple acts of maintenance neglect and inattention to safety standards in almost any industry can impact unsuspecting victims with calamitous effects.

What Happens When You’re Hurt at Work?

So, what happens if an accident at your workplace causes serious injury and interferes with your ability to continue doing your job? Worse yet, what if death is the end result? What about your family and the income lost, and the pain and suffering?


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Workers compensation insurance may appear to be an assurance of job security, but in fact, it is all about protecting the liability of the employers. As personal injury attorneys, Auger & Auger’s involvement in workers compensation cases is all about the victims. BIG difference, and a big reason to have us in your corner from day #1 of the incident.

South Carolina Workers Compensation Law

Workers Compensation is outlined in the South Carolina Code of Laws, Title 42. For the most part, workers in our state are covered — unless they aren’t. If you are only 1 of 3 total employees, a federal employee, a railroad or agricultural worker then workers compensation is not something you are eligible for.

Here are even more exceptions to the coverage requirements:

  • Mental health injuries are generally not covered;
  • Heart attack, stroke, and embolism may not be covered;
  • You cannot choose your own medical provider in most cases;
  • Wage replacement is not guaranteed;
  • If you do qualify for wage replacement, it is not equal to your entire paycheck;
  • Temporary and permanent disability payments will not equal more than two-thirds of your weekly wages.

When Expectations Fall Apart

It happens all too often; that hard-working people are injured on the job and receive nothing. These personal injury victims are left with mounting medical bills, no paychecks, and insurmountable stress.

Fortunately, this is where your rights come in. If your injuries were sustained at work or in the course of your duties, there are several ways you may be covered aside from workers compensation.

Auger & Auger is Here for YOU!

Don’t let your employer’s insurance company close the book on you. Call us now at 855-971-1114 for a free consultation with our workers’ compensations lawyers to discuss your accident and the best path to take toward proper compensation. These cases may very well involve third-party companies and civil actions to get beyond declined claims and less-than-adequate adequate settlement offers. We’re ready when you are!

Never take a workers compensation denial as the final word. Call our South Carolina workers compensation attorney for a clearer picture and some real answers to your situation.

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