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Boy Scouts Abuse Lawyer

UPDATE: We are no longer accepting BSA abuse cases. The deadline to file a claim with the Delaware federal bankruptcy court was 11/16/2020.  

Please see the following links if you need help or more information for survivors:

  • BSA has partnered with the non-profit to provide information and support for survivors, including a live chat accessible here and a helpline at 1-844-SCOUTS1.
  • BSA directly will continue to fund in-person counseling for any current or former Scout or member of their family by a provider of their choice, when they are ready to take that step. To request in-person counseling, please call 1 866-907-2721 or email [email protected].

Boy Scouts have been a part of American culture since 1910. But in February 2020, the organization filed for bankruptcy due to multiple victims filing lawsuits alleging childhood sexual abuse. Though these lawsuits are recent, the terrible actions perpetrated by Scout Leaders have been known to the organizations for decades.

At Auger & Auger, we are here to help victims get the compensation they deserve if they have been sexually abused by scout leaders of the Boy Scouts of America. We know that no amount of money can possibly heal the pain caused by these leaders, but a lawsuit can hold the organization accountable for their crimes.

Our passionate Boy Scout abuse lawyers are always here to take your call. If you or a loved one was abused by a scout leader, please give us a call at (800) 559-5741 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. We’re here 24/7 to take your call. 

How Many Victims Have Been Abused by Scout Leaders?

According to recent reports, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have kept so-called “perversion files” that detail the number of victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse. The list, which dates all the way back to 1944, lists more than 7,800 scout leaders who allegedly sexually abused boys, along with more than 12,000 victims.

While the BSA has locked these files away, a professor at the University of Virginia’s medical school who worked with the organization to evaluate how they handled sexual abuse revealed these lists. The professor, Dr. Janet Warren, alleges that while the BSA removed these abusive leaders from the organization, they never alerted communities that the leaders were child molesters. 

Though the “perversion files” date back nearly 80 years, the BSA has stated that “At no time have we ever knowingly allowed a sexual predator to work with youth, and we mandate that all leaders, volunteers, and staff members nationwide immediately report any abuse allegations to law enforcement.”

Yet because the BSA knew or should have known about these thousands of cases of sexual abuse, victims are filing lawsuits against the organization to hold them accountable for their negligence. Our Boy Scouts abuse lawyers are ready to help you file a lawsuit against the organization. 

Can I File a Lawsuit Even Though the Boy Scouts Filed for Bankruptcy?

In short, yes you can. Just because the BSA has filed for bankruptcy, doesn’t mean they can’t be sued. The BSA has various assets such as insurance policies and property that can be liquidated to provide compensation. Since the organization has filed for bankruptcy, the case will be determined by a bankruptcy judge to determine how sexual abuse victims will be properly compensated.

However, bankruptcy does make the process of seeking compensation more complicated. That’s why it’s crucial you hire a Boy Scouts sexual abuse lawyer to represent you as soon as possible if you are seeking compensation. There are certain deadlines that must be met, and forms that must be filed with specific courts.

Get the Help You Deserve from a Boy Scouts Abuse Lawyer

The acts allegedly perpetrated by scout leaders of the Boy Scouts of America are despicable, and the organization must be held accountable. At Auger & Auger, we are here to help victims of sexual abuse get the full compensation they deserve.

We are dedicated to fighting for victims’ rights, whatever it takes. Please give us a call at (800) 559-5741 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 

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