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Boy Scouts Abuse Lawyer in Charlotte

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization has made poor choices that have failed to protect child participants from the dangers of sexual abuse. Survivors of Boy Scouts abuse may now suffer from trauma, and they may have untold damages in the form of mental anguish, pain and suffering, and treatment costs, past, and future.

Auger & Auger wants to assist survivors who have a story to tell. We can provide you with legal representation in the form of a Boy Scouts abuse lawyer in Charlotte. Whether the plaintiff is a minor or is an adult who endured abuse in years past, they have a right to pursue compensation from the Scouts BSA organization.

Charlotte, North Carolina is located within Mecklenburg County, which is home to three distinct BSA districts. These districts include the Hornets Nest District to the north, the Apache District in the southwest, and the Etowah District in the southeast. Within each district, there are dozens of “packs” and other troop organizations.

You may have heard that the Boy Scouts of America have recently filed for bankruptcy. While this is true, Chapter 11 bankruptcy still allows for personal injury claimants to file their claim, which will be processed as part of the debt restructuring agreement the BSA organization will eventually make. All past survivors are still entitled to bring forth a case, and they may have legal remedies available outside of the jurisdiction where they originally suffered abuse.

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Proof of Boy Scouts Negligence Demonstrated in Past Abuse Cases

Past cases have proven that the Boy Scouts of America failed in their duty to protect children from the dangers of criminal acts conducted by adults through “reasonable” measures. 

The organization maintained “perversion files” listing adult volunteers with a known or suspected history of sexual abuse. These files were supposed to be used to prevent known predators from participating in the organization, but the measures employed were grossly inadequate and continually failed to protect children.

Worse, the organization refused to publicly disclose the list to law enforcement or parents for decades, and the practices used by Scouts BSA routinely failed to prevent known repeat offenders from interacting with children.

Over the past few decades, plaintiffs of all ages have come forward to tell their stories. With the help of Boy Scouts abuse attorneys, they have been able to prove that the Scouts’ negligence directly led to their injuries. The bravery of these survivors has empowered others to come forward, and the legal precedents their cases have set create a clear legal path for recovery.

Legal Remedies Available for BSA Abuse Survivors in Charlotte

North Carolina’s legislature has, fortunately, passed fairly rigorous measures to give sexual abuse survivors access to legal remedies and potential compensation. This includes minors under age 18 who were recently abused as well as survivors up to age 28 who have endured abuse in the past.

The official North Carolina statute of limitations for filing a civil case related to sexual abuse of a minor is 2 years from the age of 28. Individuals who were not able to file a claim in years past — when the age cap was just 21 years of age — now have a 2-year revival window to file a claim. If the perpetrator of the abuse was convicted of a felony sexual offense for a related crime, then the survivor has a 2-year extension window from the date of the conviction.

Minors who have suffered abuse can bring forth a claim filed on their behalf by a parent or adult guardian.

If your claim is successful, it can provide compensation for your damages, which may include physical injury, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and other losses. Your claim may be able to allow you to recoup your losses for money spent on psychological therapy, depending on the case circumstances. 

BSA Scouts has pledged to pay for treatment costs in the past, saying, “we believe victims, we support them, we pay for counseling by a provider of their choice and we encourage them to come forward.”

Individual survivors who endured mistreatment outside of Charlotte or North Carolina may be eligible to file their claim in the respective jurisdiction of where the abuse occurred. Some claimants denied of their right to file a claim in their home state may be eligible to file one in Washington D.C., depending on the outcome of a current pending motion.

Seek Justice with the Help of a Boy Scouts Abuse Lawyer in Charlotte

Overall, there are many opportunities to seek justice and obtain repayment for the losses you have suffered as a survivor. Do not be afraid to come forward and take legal action. Even if you fear your ability to file a claim or join a class action has passed, there may be possible remedies available.

Auger & Auger can provide you with an experienced Charlotte Boy Scouts abuse lawyer to act as your advocate and your legal advisor in all matters. We are waiting to talk to you about your case. More importantly, we are waiting to listen so that you can be heard.

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