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Charleston, SC Personal Injury Attorneys

When it comes to Charleston personal injury attorney practices, Auger & Auger has over 50 years of combined litigation experience protecting the rights of injured victims. The state of South Carolina allows you to file a civil lawsuit against another person, company, or government agency when their acts or omissions have caused you harm. Whether your case is resolved by negotiating a settlement or in a courthouse — having a highly experienced legal advocate at your side can make the difference between disappointing and comfortable compensation.

The laws of Charleston dictate that citizens, business owners, and even government institutions owe each other certain considerations. For instance, all vehicles driving on public roads must follow the state’s safety laws and make sure they use diligence when it comes to others they may pass along the way. In South Carolina, the owner of a dog is responsible at ‘first bite’ unless the victim was purposefully provoking the animal instincts of the pet.

Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer

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What You Should Know about Charleston Personal Injuries

Some of the most common Charleston personal injuries have been traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord impairments, and whiplashes. The compensation you are awarded is dependent upon the severity of your injuries. Auger & Auger’s Charleston personal injury attorneys will pursue a claim with the intention of ‘making you whole.’ You should receive monies to pay for medical bills, lost income or reduction of earning potential, damages for pain and suffering, and from emotional distress.

The following types of personal injury claims are further explained by clicking their respective links:

ATV Accidents

Auto Accidents

Aviation Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Boating Accidents

Childcare Accidents

Construction Accidents

Dangerous Drugs

Dog Bites

Defective Medical Devices

Golf Cart Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Premises Liability

Truck Accidents

Workers Compensation

Wrongful Death

What Happens in a Charleston Personal Injury Case?

Our Charleston personal injury attorney will file a civil claim against the responsible defendant, whether that be another person, a company, or government agency.

When your personal injury case involves the death of a victim, then wrongful death compensation may be paid to surviving members of the family. If you have lost a spouse, damages can also include compensation for the ‘loss of companionship.’

Personal injury cases are usually satisfactorily negotiated by a settlement between the defendant, their insurers and the legal representatives for the opposing parties. Sometimes mediation or arbitration is employed as the next alternative to taking the case to court; in fact, compulsory arbitration is sometimes applied for certain civil disputes.

If your Charleston personal injury attorney is hesitant to go to court to fight for your rights against big insurance companies or high profile defendants, you can rest assured that our firm will not hesitate to do so.

Auger & Auger Means Business

If you have been seriously injured from an accident or malicious act, or your loved one has sustained severe or fatal injuries following such an incident — our Charleston personal injury attorney is here to advocate on your behalf. At Auger & Auger we are dedicated to doing the right thing, and helping in any way we can to alleviate the stress and financial losses you have been left to deal with.

One of the policies we have instilled at our firm is the zero-fee-guarantee, ensuring that you don’t pay us unless we win your case. We believe this is critical to demonstrating our strong compassion and relentless intentions to get you the compensation you deserve.
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