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Charleston Defective Medical Device Attorney

Health issues without a surgical remedy can have debilitating results. In many cases, innovative devices have actually saved people from an untimely death and provided them with a better quality of life. But what happens when the remedy has the potential to leave the patient with even more devastating results?  

Auger & Auger is taking a stand against those responsible for the injuries that patients sustain due to the commonplace use defective medical devices of all types. Whatever the device that has caused harm — be it a Bair Hugger Warmer Blanket, power morcellators, transvaginal mesh, Stryker hip replacements or metal hip replacements — our defective medical device attorney is ready to advocate for your rights and deserved compensation..

We are currently in litigation pursuing claims on these two prominent issues: inferior vena cava (IVC) blood clot filters and hernia mesh implants. Our Charleston defective medical device attorneys are currently accepting cases and in pursuit of lawsuits for complications from both of these surgical procedures.

The Dangers of IVC Blood Clot Filters

IVC blood clot filters were intended to prevent clots from migrating to the brain, lungs, and/or heart of the patient, but the filter’s own fibers are prone to disintegrate or become displaced while in the body; tragically causing organ damage.

An adamant urging to issue safety warnings to doctors using the IVC procedure was issued to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010 when the dangers of this device began surfacing five years earlier. Even with warnings in place, devices were not retrieved and patients continued to suffer unnecessarily.

The Dangers of Hernia Mesh Implants

Hernia meshes are implanted in a post-hernia surgical procedure and are constructed to support damaged or weakened tissue as it is healing. However, due to the polypropylene composition of certain meshes, decomposition and material migration throughout the body is inevitable.

Interestingly, the FDA currently has quite an extensive list of questions which ‘‘you should ask your doctor’ when you’re considering hernia surgery with mesh implants. Severe and debilitating complications can follow this surgery — such as nerve damage, bowel obstruction, sudden loss of teeth, liver abnormalities, fistula formation, hernia recurrence, renal failure, and more.  

As it stands, doctors may opt for either biological or synthetic hernia mesh devices. However, in the following chart from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) you can see, there are dangers associated with both, though more so with synthetic. The entire JAMA abstract from 2016 is viewable on the site.
Charleston Defective Medical Device Attorney

Auger & Auger of Charleston is Your Local Expert

If you or a loved one has undergone these surgeries and suffered injuries and loss, it is necessary to demonstrate that the medical device was used as it was intended to be by the manufacturer. You must also show that harm was caused by this use, and that damages were suffered for which you deserve financial compensation.

The right legal advocate in your corner is a must in order to avoid insurer quests for denial of claims. Our Charleston defective medical device attorney is ready to fight for you and get you the compensation deserved. Our services are contingency-based because we don’t want to burden you with trying to pay for legal fees in the middle of an already stressful situation.
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