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Columbia Childcare Accident Lawyer

As a family-owned and operated law firm, Auger & Auger believes that the childcare industry should be held to the highest standards possible. When you contact our Columbia childcare accident lawyer following an incident, we will take immediate steps to ensure that your child is not subjected to further harm or negligence.   

Discovering that your child has been injured or harmed by neglect while in paid childcare is devastating and overwhelming. Unfortunately, these accidents happen frequently and, surprisingly, inadequate supervision is often a contributing factor. Both you and your child are entitled to compensation for injuries sustained through the negligence or incompetent behavior of another.

Supervision Isn’t Child’s Play

Every parent knows that children view the world around them with a complete lack of fear. They climb, they crawl, and they explore their surroundings with abandon. Because they often act without thinking, it’s up to care providers to do the thinking for them. Taking your eyes off of a child for just a few seconds can be a life-altering mistake; adequate supervision simply must be provided at all times.


Our Columbia childcare accident lawyer knows that some of the most prevalent causes of daycare injuries are falls from playground equipment, accidents in bathrooms, slamming doors and drawers, and the ingestion of toxic substances. Children move quickly and not all accidents can be foreseen — but appropriate supervision goes a long way in preventing them.

According to the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ECLKC), active supervision can reduce injuries in daycares. The organization provides tips for childcare providers who want to implement active supervision in their center or home. Parents who read through this information can formulate better questions to use when interviewing facility providers.

The South Carolina Laws Defining Childcare Practices

Though laws for the childcare industry in South Carolina do not specifically speak to supervision, Section 63-13-180 does state that the operation, maintenance, and standards for childcare homes need to be designed to promote safety. As you read this section, it’s clear that the welfare of children is something that is taken very seriously in the eyes of the law.

As a parent, there are sections of the Childcare Provider Laws that are of particular interest:

  • Section 63-13-39 Outlines the requirements to be a caregiver to children in the state.
  • Section 63-13-80 Discusses provisions for licensing, renewals, and inspections.
  • Section 63-13-110 At least one caregiver on duty must be certified in first aid and child-infant CPR.

Our Family Is Here for Yours

No family wants to live through the nightmare of having one of their smallest members injured or suffer a fatality while in someone else’s care. A provider may be considered negligent when they failed to provide the necessary amount of supervision for your injured child. Our Columbia childcare accident lawyer will investigate the accident and vigorously defend the rights of your child.

Our legal team has a combined experience of over four decades, and we believe that everyone has a right to health and safety. Your child deserves a passionate advocate from Auger & Auger, and we make sure our services are affordable for everyone by offering a zero-fee guarantee; i.e. you won’t pay unless we win your case.

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