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After decades of the personal injury representation, Auger & Auger auto accident attorneys are well aware that Rock Hill vehicle collision injuries can range from minor to severe. First responders are the priority for assessing the scene and calling in medical personnel as needed. Some injuries do not show themselves at the beginning, so it is best to have a medical exam afterward, whether or not it is by an EMT.

Your next step should be to call a legal representative to protect your rights and help determine whether there is a case to pursue. Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyersoffers a free consultation with our lawyer to discuss the auto accident. Of course, car accidents are rarely accidental. More often than not, they result from negligence, mistakes in judgment or reckless behavior on the part of a driver. Our firm is dedicated to holding the at-fault party accountable.

Rock Hill Auto Accident Statistics

The following data graphics were found in the Traffic Collision Fact Book 2017 published by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. Fortunately, fatal auto accident statistics are relatively low for the Rock Hill-York County, region, though the county does fall within the Top 6 for highest totals of traffic collisions. These six counties share something in common; they are all major arteries into and out of South Carolina, including Charleston County’s heavy shipping and transportation industry from the Port of Charleston.


We often attribute injury and fatal collisions to two or three factors; driver impairment, following too closely, or improper lane changes. The following report cites, which breaks down contributing factors to South Carolina’s 2017 collisions, clearly shows there is much more to operating an automobile than locking your seat belt and turning on the ignition.  


“There’s more to getting to where you’re going then just knowing there’s a road.”

― Joan Lowery Nixon

There are so many judgment calls to make when you’re operating a vehicle, so keep in mind that 94.4% of all reported traffic crashes in the state were driver-related in 2017. Careless, inattentive driving will automatically result in poor decisions, and the lack of concern for fellow travelers will initiate over-protective reactions which can endanger everyone involved.  

Free Consultation From Our Cabarrus County Car Accident Attorneys

Following a traffic collision, our Rock Hill auto accident attorney understands there are life-changing consequences in store for you and your loved ones. Your budget can easily be thrown off track by a loss of income, medical copays and more. You don’t deserve to endure pain and suffering, and also financial distress, due to somebody’s poor decision behind the wheel.

The accident and injury lawyers at Auger & Auger have over five decades of combined legal experience in personal injury cases; whether reaching appropriate settlements or pursuing your legal rights in civil court. Call a lawyer today who can help assist you in making the best decisions for your case.

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