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If you or a loved one was injured in South Carolina due to someone else’s actions or negligence, you have legal rights! Being injured can be traumatic, and could leave you facing mounting expenses. Medical bills may pile up, and you may be out of work while you recover. Trust the attorneys at Auger & Auger to represent you. We know how to get the compensation you deserve.

Since 1994, Auger & Auger has been helping victims of personal injury pursue claims for compensation. Whether your case is resolved in or out of court, our attorneys have the experience needed to help you. Our firm exclusively represents victims of the following:

Unless you can click to go to the PDF. Not sure if can do with this landing page. If cannot to click to the pdf copy, may just call for your free copy. Free Book for Accident Victims. By Herbert W. Auger, Esq. The Insurance Company is Protecting its interests. Its time to protect yours…

Case Results

$1.4 Million Auto/Bike Accident

Client was an avid cyclist who sustained a closed head injury and fractures requiring surgery when struck by a car that failed to yield the right of way.

$1.2 Million Workers’ Compensation

Client sustained closed head injuries from a fall from a height.

$700,000 Trucking Accident

Client sustained lower back injuries in an trucking accident when the defendant ran a red light.

$490,000 Auto/Defective Tire

Passenger underwent multiple wrist surgeries following a single car roll-over accident due to a defective tire

Do I Need An Attorney?

Unfortunately, justice is not automatic, even when it’s clear you’ve been injured by another person’s carelessness. The insurance company and their teams of well-trained claim representatives have one goal: to pay as little as possible, or even nothing, on a claim. They use a number of textbook tactics in reaching this goal, but their number one tactic is to say and do whatever they can to prevent the injured victim from hiring a lawyer.

Here are just a few reasons why you should hire an attorney:

  1. An attorney will know the true value of your case and make the insurance carrier pay more than they would have to if you were not represented.
  2. An attorney will help you prepare and participate in your recorded statement to the insurance company to make sure that your claim is not jeopardized.
  3. Unrepresented claimants are more likely to miss important deadlines which will void one or more of their claims under the law.
  4. Unrepresented claimants may not know their rights to certain claims or coverages afforded under the applicable policies and the law of their claim (i.e. medical payments, depreciation, punitive damages, etc.)
  5. An attorney will properly compile and preserve evidence immediately following the accident to support your case under the law.
Injury claims can present unexpected and complex issues, and missteps can be costly. An attorney can ensure your case is handled in a professional, diligent manner to get you the compensation you deserve.

26 Years of Experience

Our Promise To You

We will treat your case as if it were one of our own.

We promise to treat you the same way we would want to be treated, if it were our own case, or the case of a close friend or family member.

We will promptly return phone calls and keep you informed.

We promise to return all phone calls. We encourage our clients to contact us on a regular basis, and we touch base every two weeks to update clients on their case.

We will protect you from the powerful insurance companies.

Insurance companies are in business to make money, and the way they do that is to pay as little as possible on claims. We have over 26 years of experience fighting the powerful insurance companies for our clients.

We will review your case at no charge to you.

We invite you to call us 24 hours a day to request a free consultation with one of our lawyers. We will evaluate your situation and advise you how to best protect your rights at no charge to you. And if you hire our firm, we will not charge a legal fee unless we win!

We will work extremely hard to get you all the compensation you deserve.

We know there is a lot at stake for our clients after a serious injury. We promise to work extremely hard and fight for you under the law to get you the compensation and benefits you deserve.


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