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Big Rig Accident Lawyer

Big rigs rule the roads in America. They are invaluable in helping keep our economy going, but they also take up road space and contribute to the number of dangerous and deadly accidents each year.

In 2017, heavy “big rig” commercial trucks were involved in 4,455 fatal accidents, according to the FMCSA, and 116,000 injury-causing accidents.

big rig truck

If you have been hurt in an accident with a big rig truck, there’s a good chance you have serious injuries and substantial medical bills. You may be wondering how you can possibly pay for the costs of your treatment, let alone your vehicle repairs and out of pocket expenses. All the while, you may be losing income while you miss work.

Auger & Auger wants to help you. Our firm can provide an experienced big rig accident lawyer to represent your case and fight for the highest amount of compensation available. We take the fear and stress out of filing a strong truck accident injury claim that seeks 100% recovery of your financial and non-economic damages.

Contact us today to schedule a 100% free, 100% confidential case evaluation with one of our experienced truck accident lawyers. You will learn about your legal options and what steps you can take now to start building a potential case.

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What Kinds of Compensation Are Available After a Big Rig Accident?

A big rig truck accident injury claim can help you recover the money you have lost as a result of your collision. In some cases, you may also be eligible to recover an amount equivalent to the pain and suffering and other emotional losses you have experienced.

Compensation meant to replace the money you have lost after your accident is called “special damages.” Special damages include:

  • Medical expenses (past and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

“General damages” is the term used to refer to the non-financial hardship you have experienced after your collision with a big rig. General damages can include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium

Note that claimants will have to provide evidence for all damages they wish to claim. They must also be able to say in good faith that they only sought out reasonable and necessary services to aid in their medical, financial, and mental recovery.

Hiring an experienced big rig accident attorney gives you the legal resources that make calculating and documenting your full damages easy. Your attorney gathers all necessary documents to calculate your full costs. They also work with medical and financial professionals to establish that any estimates are accurate and that all expenses were reasonable and necessary.

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How Do I Prove Who Was at Fault for My Big Rig Accident?

In most states, when people have been injured in crashes with all vehicles, including big rigs, they have to prove that another driver was at fault for the accident. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay for the costs of the injury yourself..

Proving fault requires that you can show that your accident and injuries would not have happened if the other driver involved had not acted negligently.

Establishing “negligence” in the legal sense requires four main showings:

  • Duty: The truck driver had a duty of care to prevent causing you harm, which can refer to traffic laws, trucking laws, and the general obligation to exercise “ordinary care” as a “reasonable person” would.
  • Breach: The truck driver breached their duty, either by breaking a law, making a careless action, or failing to take reasonable actions that could have prevented the accident.
  • Cause: The truck driver’s breach of their duty of care directly led to the accident and your injury
  • Damages: The accident led to injury costs and other financial and non-financial losses

Proving all four of these elements can be tough for someone who is not a legal professional. They may have to look through trucking regulations, laws, and codes that are hundreds of pages long. They may need to hire an accident investigator to visit the scene of the crash to find evidence like tire marks. They may even need to file legal motions to access information like the truck’s inspection records.

Hiring a personal injury attorney from Auger & Auger takes away these responsibilities from you. It also gives you the knowledge and research capabilities of our entire organization. We pore through trucking codes and regulations for you. Our team will research past cases similar to yours to see the relevant laws and legal arguments used to win the case.

Who All Could Be at Fault for My Big Rig Truck Crash?

The best legal strategy after you have been hurt by a big rig is to look into every insurance policy or liability claim you could have available. This maximizes your chances of recovering all of your losses.

In many big rig crashes, there are just two parties: you and the truck driver’s employer. Some of these cases can be cut and dry, with a quick, fair insurance offer.

However, many cases will often involve multiple parties. These can include the:

  • General contractor who hired a freelance driver
  • Company that requested the haul
  • Manufacturer of the tractor cab, trailer, or vehicle safety equipment
  • Maintenance company responsible for inspecting the vehicle
  • Other drivers involved in the crash

The insurance companies used by big businesses are willing to pay for strong legal representation of their own. They may argue that they are not at fault or that the real responsibility lies with another party. They may argue that your damages are much lower than you claim. They may even say that you aren’t hurt or that you were 100% at-fault for the accident.

Auger & Auger has experience fighting for our clients in court and standing up to high-powered insurance legal teams. We are willing to argue your case in front of a jury if that’s what it takes to get fair compensation for your injuries.

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Auger & Auger represents big rig collision victims in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Your first appointment is always free, and you don’t pay anything for our services unless we recover compensation for you. When facing big corporate lawyers, you have nothing to lose by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney.

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