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Nc Lawmakers Recent Texas Visit Highlights Fracking Issues

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In October 2012, six North Carolina state lawmakers visited Texas in a continuing effort to understand the issues that we will face when fracking begins here. In the summer of 2012, the legislature narrowly voted to allow fracking in North Carolina. It is reported that there is a concentration of some 1.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in or around Lee, Moore and Chatham counties.

“Fracking” is an industry slang term meaning hydraulic fracturing. This is a method whereby natural gas is forced out from shale formations by using pressurized water and chemicals to fracture the rock. This allows for more gas or oil to be extracted from the site. Although fracking was first used in 1947, modern day fracking became prominent after the Barnett Shale find in Texas in 1998.

The lawmakers, four Republicans and two Democrats, came face to face with many complex issues that must be dealt with by the new North Carolina Mining & Energy Commission. Representative Rodney Moore, a Democrat from Mecklenburg County who is in favor of fracking, said that “we have a long way to go”, somewhere around “a three to five year process.”

The massive Eagle Ford Shale Region in Texas runs from the Mexico border to just south of San Antonio and is said to contain trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. Touring this region by the six lawmakers revealed the good and the bad. The economic boom in the area has been tremendous, since it first began in 2008. Jobs became plentiful. Construction is rampant to accommodate the housing needs of the influx of workers coming into the area. Businesses are thriving because of the spending habits of the workers and their families, including banks, restaurants and other local businesses.

With all of the economic blessings, sleepy South Texas towns are now seeing continuous traffic and congestion. The narrow country roads and highways are being torn up from the weight and continuous usage by 18-wheelers hauling oil field equipment and supplies. With this continuous traffic, torn up roadways and fatigued drivers, the Eagle Ford Shale area has become very dangerous. Traffic accidents and fatalities have risen dramatically over the years, from 2008 to 2012.

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