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Several bottles of prescription medications. One is spilled.

About 1,600 different drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration since its inception in 1938. Approval by the FDA theoretically means the drug should be relatively safe to treat the condition for which it’s prescribed. Unfortunately, drugs that are placed on the market aren’t always as safe as they can be.

In some cases, side effects of drugs aren’t always understood or, in some cases, the side effects may be concealed or downplayed by the manufacturer (a popular example of this is the addictive nature of Oxycontin and other narcotics). Or, the manufacturer may not include all the necessary warnings on the drug packaging. In other cases, the doctor or pharmacist may not fulfill their duty to warn patients of the dangers of the drug.

No matter what situation makes drugs unsafe, if you are injured or made ill by a medicine you are prescribed, you may be entitled to compensation. The Asheville dangerous drugs lawyers at Auger & Auger will evaluate your case at no cost to you to determine how much money you are owed. Call us at (828) 222-7649 or contact us online today for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

The Most Dangerous Types of Prescription Drugs in the United States

When medicine is prescribed to a patient, it’s done so to help that patient heal. Unfortunately, drugs don’t always work in the way they’re supposed to. In addition, overdoses and use by those to whom the medicine isn’t prescribed are far too common. In these cases, it may be difficult to hold the manufacturer or doctor responsible for injury or illness. However, if a patient is made unwell by a drug when it’s used properly, they may be entitled to compensation.

Some of the most dangerous prescription drugs that are currently on the market include:

1. Painkillers

Painkillers are a common drug that is in just about everyone’s medicine cabinet, whether it’s over-the-counter ibuprofen or prescription narcotics. In the past couple of decades, the number of prescriptions for painkillers has skyrocketed. This trend has directly led to the opioid epidemic, and manufacturers like Purdue Pharma are finally being held accountable.

2. Methadone

Methadone is technically a painkiller, but it’s commonly used to help people wean off heroin and other opiates. While it can be helpful, there are serious side effects that are presented with methadone. Taking too much or too little or combining it with other drugs or alcohol can be deadly, and overdoses are common.

3. Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines are tranquilizers that are commonly used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions. While they can be helpful for those who need them, when a person stops taking benzodiazepines, the withdrawal process can be dangerous — and even deadly. In addition, overdoses and mixing benzodiazepines with other drugs and alcohol can also be deadly.

4. ADD Medicines

Medicines to treat attention deficit disorder aren’t much different chemically than methamphetamine. However, these stimulants can greatly benefit those with ADD and ADHD. Unfortunately, because of the benefits of these stimulants, they are often sold on the black market, especially on college campuses. Taking any nonprescribed drugs can be very dangerous.

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