ATV Accident Lawyer

Off-roading on an ATV on the Carolinas’ trails and private properties can be a fun experience, but it does carry risks. All-terrain vehicles — also known as ATVs, four wheelers or quad bikes — can be highly prone to rollovers and other accidents. Operators must be cautious and use sound judgement. However, even the most careful driver might get into an ATV accident and sustain a severe injury. In some instances, ATV accident victims may even die from their injuries.

Victims of ATV incidents and their families can often recover the costs of medical treatment and other losses with the help of an experienced ATV accident lawyer. Hiring a lawyer for ATV accidents can allow these affected families to explore their full legal options. If they can determine who might be liable for the damages caused, they can pursue a personal injury claim or defective products claim against all at-fault parties.

A successful ATV accident claim pays for more than just past medical bills. It can also compensate for the costs of future treatment as well as related out-of-pocket expenses. Injured people who cannot work may be able to recover lost wages. Those who have extensive injuries may be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, or the permanent limitation of a bodily organ or appendage.

Learn more about what your next best steps to take might be after you or an immediate family member has been injured by an ATV rollover or other accident. You can speak with an attorney familiar with ATV injury cases during a free, no obligation consultation.

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The Likelihood of ATV Injury in the U.S. and the Carolinas

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tracks ATV injury statistics for the purposes of informing the public and helping guide public policy to make ATVs safer. Their findings show that an alarming number of ATV-related incidents happen every year. These incidents can result in major injuries, hospitalizations, amputations, paralysis, and even deaths.

According to the most recent available CPSC ATV injury and death report, there were 93,000 emergency department-treated injuries in 2017 in relation to an ATV accident and 295 fatalities.

The state of North Carolina saw 46 ATV-related deaths from 2015 to 2017, and South Carolina saw 33 in the same period. Between 1982 and 2014, the two states accounted for 5% of the total ATV-related deaths in the U.S.

Making matters most tragic, ATV incidents tend to disproportionately affect young operators. CPSC data shows that 12% of fatal ATV accident victims in 2014 were under the age of 16. Of those, more than half were under the age of 12.

Common Injuries From ATV Accidents

ATV accidents tend to exhibit a number of common injuries that must be later treated in the emergency room. The following are some of the most common injuries, along with their relative percentage of ER diagnosis in 2017:

  • Contusions and abrasions (20%)
  • Fractures (27%)
  • Arm, finger, and shoulder injuries (29%)
  • Head and neck injuries (29%)
  • Leg injuries (21%)
  • Torso injuries (20%)

Broken bones, broken ribs, sprains, torn ligaments, and other physical injuries are all likely after an ATV accident. Victims may also endure serious injuries to the head, neck, and back. These blows can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI), herniated disks, pinched nerves, and soft tissue damage.

What to Do After You Have Been in an ATV Accident

Your first priority after an ATV accident is to have the victim fully evaluated by emergency medical personnel. If the person is severely injured, call an ambulance or emergency medical evacuation team as soon as you can. Do not try to move accident victims who could have major head, neck, or spine injuries.

While at the nearest available doctor, describe the incident and any symptoms or important factors in detail. Injury victims should be sure to note any pain, numbness, tingling, discomfort, or dizziness they feel, as these may be early signs of a more severe medical condition.

Request all necessary tests and images. Ideally, accident victims will have a full record of their injuries confirmed by multiple medical professionals. This documentation makes it easier to calculate the full extent of damages caused by the accident and attribute injuries directly to it.

When you can, contact a personal injury lawyer who has a history of representing ATV accident cases. They can help you determine what your best avenues for obtaining compensation might be from all liable parties.

Who Is At Fault in an ATV Accident?

There is no easy way to determine who might be at fault for an ATV accident since each case is unique. However, there are a number of critical factors to evaluate:

  • Defective ATVs or Dangerous Design: In many cases, the manufacturer of the ATV or its distributor could be held strictly liable for the damages caused by responsible use of their products.
  • Negligent Child Caretakers: If the accident victim was under the age of 18 and under the supervision of another party, their decisions may form the basis of a possible negligence claim.
  • Careless Operators: If the accident victim was a passenger or was struck by another vehicle operator, then the at-fault party could be considered liable for damages.
  • Negligent Property Owners: While ATV riders assume the risks of riding in nature, property owners could be held liable if they allowed an unreasonably dangerous condition to develop or failed to warn ATV operators of the risks.
  • Other Parties: The actions of any and all persons or companies involved will be considered so that no legal avenues are overlooked.

Speak With an ATV Accident Lawyer for Free

Four-wheeler accident cases can be quite complex, with multiple claims presented to several parties in some instances. Having an expert ATV injury lawyer at your side ensures that all strategies are considered and that you can have a legal advisor who cares about your own best interests.

Talking to insurers alone is rarely your best option. Insurance representatives may offer a low settlement that doesn’t compensate you for all losses. They may also attempt to dispute liability or the extent of the victim’s injuries.

Instead, call an attorney who knows how to handle four-wheeler accident cases. At Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers, we care about each client and want to guide them towards the best possible outcome. In every case, we explore all options for pursuing the maximum amount of compensation available from all potentially liable parties.

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