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Six of the Most Dangerous Holidays for Road Travel

man and woman on a road trip with the top downAre you preparing for holiday travel? If so, you aren’t alone. Thousands of people will be hitting the nation’s roadways at the end of this month as they head to the homes of friends and relatives. Here’s a surprising fact for you: Christmas is not the holiday during which you are most likely to be involved in a car accident.

While any holiday is more risky than other days of the year due to the sheer number of cars on the road, it’s not the most hazardous. That distinction goes to the Fourth of July. With that in mind, here are the six most dangerous holidays for road travel by the numbers.

1. Fourth of July

For some reason, drinking and driving seems to go hand-in-hand with Independence Day, making it the most dangerous holiday to be on the road. On average, there are over 500 fatalities on the road and almost 60,000 serious injuries reported every Fourth of July.

2. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone and hopefully you made it to your destination safely. In recent years, traffic-related deaths have been on the declined, but it is still considered dangerous. The number of accidents is thought to be due to fatigue and distracted driving.

3. New Year’s Day

Alcohol-fueled parties could be a reason that New Year’s Day is so dangerous. Consider that the day begins just after the clock strikes midnight and many people are heading home. On January 1st, more than half of all traffic fatalities involve alcohol.

4. Christmas

Christmas is a top holiday in America, but it is number four on the list of most dangerous holidays to be on the road. The majority of collisions occur between the afternoon of December 24th and Christmas evening. Those accidents decline when Christmas falls on a day during the week.

5. Labor Day

Labor Day is the official end to summer and that means parties and road trips. There is plenty of traffic on the road during what many spend as a three-day weekend. If you travel on Labor Day, even a short distance from home, keep your eyes focused on the road.

6. Memorial Day

Just as Labor Day is the end to summer, Memorial Day is its official kick off. According to some statistics, there are 32 percent more roadway fatalities on Memorial Day than on the three days prior combined. Many people are out welcoming summer, but just as many are on their way home from a weekend break.

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