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Students at the Charlotte School of Law have been severely impacted by having their access to federal student loans denied by the U.S. Department of Education.  The federal government has denied Charlotte School of Law’s access to federal financial aid based on the school’s non-compliance with strict guidelines set by the American Bar Association, violation of the Higher Education Act, noncompliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations and the conclusion that the Charlotte School of Law has misrepresented itself in regards to its accreditation and the likelihood that Charlotte School of Law graduates would be able to pass their bar exams.

What does this mean to current students?

Without access to federal financial aid, the future of the Charlotte School of Law is unknown.  Students committed significant amounts of time and money to work towards obtaining their law degrees at the Charlotte School of Law.   The Charlotte School of Law has now stopped enrolling students for 2017.  Will they continue to be in business beyond this year?  Students are now faced with wondering where they will go to school and how will they afford to pay back their students loans.  For some students transferring to another law school will not be an option.  Because of the potential fraud that may have been committed, many students may not ever achieve their goals of becoming attorneys.

What does this mean for recent graduates?

Recent graduates may be at a greater loss than current students and may very well have significant claims for their damages in a civil action.  Large student loans combined with extremely low bar pass rates and finding a job in the legal market based on the stigma of the recent findings of the ABA and government is devastating to these young lawyers.  The impact of a lawyer’s alma mater being put on probation and the recent findings of the ABA on the integrity of the Charlotte School of Law may entitle recent graduates to significant compensation.

What can they do?

The American Bar Association and the United States Department of Education have formally investigated the Charlotte School of Law resulting in significant changes to their accreditation and the loss of their financial aid.  The findings from these institutions are very serious.  Our Charlotte law firm is accepting both current students and recent graduates (1-3 years) for lawsuits against the Charlotte School of Law and their parent company, Infilaw.  Call and speak with partner Herb Auger who is leading up the current litigation against the Charlotte School of Law.

Auger & Auger Wants to Help

The lawyers in our firm remember what it was like to be in law school.  It is a challenging adventure to say the least.  Spending all of your time studying and having very little time for anything else is a real commitment to your education.  We are shocked by the allegations made against the Charlotte School of Law and we are very sorry for the impact that it is having on all of the students and their families.  We think you deserved better. If these allegations are proven, Charlotte School of Law students should be compensated and Charlotte School of Law should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Our Charlotte law firm is dedicated to helping members of our community when they have been harmed by the actions of others. If you are a Charlotte School of Law Student, we would like to help you.  Please give us a call 800-559-5741

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