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A head-on collision is one of the most dangerous types of auto accidents. When two cars are involved in a head-to-head crash, serious, and often fatal injuries occur. Tragically, head-on collisions account for only two percent of all accidents, yet they cause 10 percent of all car accident fatalities.

The Charlotte car accident lawyers at Auger & Auger understand the pain, confusion, and financial worries that clients experience in the days and weeks after their accident. You may have questions concerning medical treatment, lost income, medical bills, property damage, rental car costs, and more. Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers can help with all of your concerns.

Causes of Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision can occur for any number of reasons, including:

  • When a driver veers left of a double yellow line, or “left of center”
  • Drunk driving
  • Failure to maintain lane control in an intersection
  • Sudden mechanical failure or tire blow out
  • Swerving to avoid an animal or object
  • Driver falling asleep at the wheel
  • Road conditions
  • Texting while driving

Driver distraction is a leading cause of serious accidents, and the percent of head-on collisions has increased significantly since the advent of smartphones. Drivers are not only talking, but reading content, watching movies, and typing messages.

Distracted driving has become so common, police officers have told our legal team that one of the first items that they look for in the at-fault driver’s car is a cell phone.

On occasion, an officer will find a phone with a partially typed message the at-fault driver was entering just before the crash. Proof of distraction like this can make it significantly easier for crash victims to take legal action and prove negligence after a head-on collision.

Charlotte Injury Attorneys Help Head-On Crash Victims

The attorneys at Auger and Auger are dedicated to aggressively representing clients involved in head on car accidents in Charlotte. We have multiple offices throughout North Carolina and three in the Charlotte area for the benefit of our clients.  At each of our offices, our legal team works hard to help victims get full compensation for auto accidents.

Unfortunately, when dealing with serious injuries, the vehicle that caused the accident may not have enough insurance coverage to pay for claims. Our attorneys and staff are trained to aggressively pursue all avenues of recovery. We will investigate and locate all applicable insurance to help ensure our clients are fairly compensated for their injuries and damages.

Possible sources of secondary coverage include:

  • The driver’s personal car insurer
  • Insurers for a family owned vehicle
  • Insurance for an employer’s car
  • Umbrella coverage

In past cases, we have located insurance policies known to trained insurance adjusters but kept hidden from inexperienced clients.

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