A&A Columbia Zero Fee Guarantee

We Win Our It’s Free

At Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers, we never charge attorney fees unless we are successful in winning your case. Our fee agreement is a contingency fee, which means that we only get paid when you get paid. This helps assure that all people are able to hire our services to get the best representation and settlement possible. This puts all the financial risk on us, not you.

We know that one of the biggest concerns of hiring any experienced personal injury lawyer is how much it is going to cost.  When you call our office to speak with a personal injury attorney, the consultation is free. If you decide to retain our services, you will never be asked to provide us with a check or payment for our legal services or expenses. Instead, we will work hard for you from day one, and if we win your case, our legal fees and expenses will be deducted from your settlement. This puts all the financial risk on us, not you.

This is the “A&A Zero Fee Guarantee”. Just another way A&A puts you first.

Our No Fee Promise

  • You will never pay us a single dollar out of your own pocket
  • We only get paid when we receive a settlement or obtain a verdict in your case
  • We will never request or take any advance payment from you or ask you to reimburse cost unless we win a settlement for you.
  • You can call our firm anytime to discuss your case at no-cost whatsoever.
  • We advance all costs on your case so that you have the best resources and experts to help win your case. The costs will be paid out of the final settlement that we win.
  • If we never collect money damages for you, you will never be asked to pay us any legal fees or costs.
  • We have never asked or had a client pay us a legal fee or cost until we won their case.
  • All our clients receive a written fee agreement that guarantees that we get paid only when we receive the settlement check. The A&A Zero Fee guarantee – You have it in writing!

Zero Fee. Easy as 1,2,3

  • handshake You don’t pay unless we win– If we do not collect money damages for you, we will not ask you to cover costs or legal fees.
  • signed-document We advance all costs on your case– To provide you with the best experts and resources to support your case.
  • scale-icon We win your case – Our fee % and cost come from your settlement

Learn More about Legal Service Contingency Fee Agreements

Auger & Auger handles all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.  A contingency legal fee agreement is an agreement where the attorney’s legal fee is based on a fixed percentage of the settlement and is not get paid unless they win their client’s case.  With his type of agreement, our clients do not need to pay any legal fees until their case is resolved by our firm and a check has been received from the defendant or their insurance carrier.  All our clients receive a copy of their written fee agreement which sets forth the terms of our A&A Zero Fee Guarantee.  We also advance all costs that are necessary to pursue your claim so you do not have to pay any money out of pocket while we handle your case. Those cost are also not reimbursed until the final settlement as well.

Contingency fee agreements make it possible for clients to hire our firm without having to worry about paying out of pocket cost or our legal fees upfront so they can focus on their medical care and recovery.

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Afford

Hiring a lawyer for any type of case can be extremely expensive. Most lawyers charge by the hour and their hourly fees can run $150, $250, $350 to $500 an hour.  There are several factors that determine an attorneys hourly fee including their field of practice, their track record, their experience and their city or state where they practice. We have even seen some that change in excess as $1,000 per hour.  Some practice areas, take criminal matters, divorce or wills and estates, may require a large retainer of $2,500 to $20,000 upfront.  With these fees you can see why many accident victims, or their families are hesitant or even afraid to call a lawyer for legal advice.  When people are injured, they want to hire the best lawyer for their case but are worried on how to pay or whether they can afford their legal fee.  Where can somebody go if they are looking for a top lawyer on their area who will not charge them a legal fee up front? Will they receive a written guarantee that they will not owe any money if they lose case? How do they know the lawyer has the experience and track record to handle their claim?

Most people, including lawyers, do not have the excess funds to pay for a lawyer out of their own pocket.  Hiring any lawyer can be very expensive depending on the time and cost that can be involved in the legal matter.  This becomes daunting when a person wants to hire a top-rated law firm with a team of highly rated experienced attorneys and experts to handle their serious injury claim.

This is why we are proud to say that regardless our 30 years of success in providing justice for Carolinas’ injured, regardless that we do nothing but handle serious personal injury and wrongful death claims, regardless that we have built a solid reputation providing excellent service, we have never had a client pay us a single dollar out of their pocket. When the attorneys and their team at Auger & Auger have successfully completed a case for one of our clients, that is the only time we will take a fee for the hard work that we have done to make that possible. In our 30 plus years of practice, no client has every had to pay us money out of their own pocket.  That is the A&A Zero Fee Guarantee.

We are proud to say that we truly fight for our clients and stand by our promises.  We do not get paid unless we win and obtain compensation for our clients. We handle all aspects of our clients case, so they can focus on their recovery!