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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

North Carolina law protects victims of catastrophic injuries in many situations by allowing those victims to hold people and companies accountable for losses.

A catastrophic injury is generally defined as a serious, permanent and/or life changing impairment such as spinal cord damage. These injuries are costly to treat and can leave a victim unable to work. Obtaining compensation is vital to ensure the best medical care is received and to avoid substantial financial harm.

A victim can recover compensation for catastrophic injury if the victim can demonstrate some person or entity is liable for the injury. Liability for catastrophic injuries can occur due to intentional wrongdoing, negligence, or if strict liability rules apply.

If someone intentionally engages in an act of violence or other harmful act and serious injury results, this individual can be held liable for catastrophic injury. For example, an individual who shoots someone could be sued by the victim and forced to pay compensation for damages because he is liable for the injuries caused by the shooting.

If someone is negligent and catastrophic injury results, the negligent individual or company could be liable. Examples include when a driver of a car is careless and causes an accident which catastrophically injures another motorist.  Sometimes, it is not only the negligent person but also his employer who can be held responsible. Examples include when truck drivers cause accidents while driving for their employer, or when nursing home residents are harmed by staff members and the resident victim can hold the home accountable for losses.

Finally, strict liability rules can make someone liable for catastrophic injury. Strict liability rules apply in certain situations, such as when a defective product causes harm. Under North Carolina product liability laws, the product maker could be strictly liable (liable regardless of negligence or wrongdoing) for catastrophic injury caused by the product defect.

Because so much is at stake for both victims and defendants in cases of catastrophic injury, it is important for victims to seek help from an experienced Charlotte injury lawyer. Call today if you or someone you love was badly hurt and you want help seeking compensation.

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