Greensboro Aviation Accident Lawyer

Aviation accidents often result in the death of the victims, or in serious permanent injuries for those who survive a crash. A Greensboro aviation accident attorney at Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers can provide legal representation to survivors of a crash or to family members of those who have died in an aviation accident.

Aviation accident cases raise many complications. It is often difficult to obtain evidence about the cause of the crash and there may be questions about what state’s law applies, or even what country’s law applies if the flight was an international one. Our attorneys have a combined 50 years of experience representing clients and we have successfully handled many aviation accident claims. We can put our legal backgrounds and knowledge to work on your accident case.

Your Rights after an Aviation Accident

Aviation accidents can occur on all different types of planes, from commercial flights to medevac medical ambulance flights, to small private planes or sightseeing planes.  Whenever an accident occurs, victims need to determine if they have a right to receive compensation. A Greensboro aviation accident attorney can help you to review the facts surrounding the crash to identify potential defendants.

Depending upon the cause of the accident, you may have a claim against:

  • The airline
  • The pilot
  • The Federal Aviation Administration
  • The manufacturer of the plane or any plane parts
  • Mechanics responsible for maintenance of the plane

If you pursue a claim for compensation after an aviation accident, you have the burden of proving the defendant was negligent in a way that led to the crash. A Greensboro aviation accident lawyer at Auger & Auger will assist you in proving your case for compensation.

How a Greensboro Aviation Accident Lawyer Can Help

Many decisions need to be made when filing an aviation accident lawsuit. In addition to determining who to sue, there may also be questions about what court of law is the appropriate forum to make your case and what laws apply to your claim.

A Greensboro aviation accident lawyer will take care of all of the legal steps necessary to obtain compensation, and can assist in getting evidence you need to make your case such as black box data and investigation reports. Whether your claim is resolved through the negotiation of an out-of-court settlement or your case goes to trial, your Greensboro, NC personal injury lawyer will advise you and represent your interests every step of the way.

Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers provides free consultations to aviation accident victims and you pay for legal fees only if we help you recover money for your injuries or your loved one’s death. Call 336-346-1963 today to learn more about how our aviation accident lawyers in Greensboro can help you.