Greensboro Construction Site Accident Lawyer

After an accident on a construction site, workers need to understand their legal rights. A Greensboro construction site accident attorney can advise clients on the best way to maximize the benefits and compensation. This could mean not only making a workers’ compensation claim, but also filing a lawsuit against a non-employer who had a role in causing the injuries.

Auger & Auger construction accident lawyers in Greensboro have more than five decades of collective experience representing clients in construction site accident cases. We know that an accident can change your life and will work hard to protect you from financial loss and get you the compensation you deserve.

Your Rights After a Greensboro Construction Site Accident

After an accident on a construction site, a workers’ compensation claim will provide coverage for medical costs, as well as disability income. Workers’ comp benefits are available for all work-related injuries and illnesses, even if the employer did not do anything wrong that contributed to the injury. However, workers’ comp does not pay for pain and suffering or lost companionship; furthermore, the disability benefits only partially cover lost wages and only for a limited time.

A personal injury claim can provide much more compensation for a worker- but you cannot sue your employer after most construction site accidents. Instead, you can make a claim against any third party who was responsible for the accident. There are many construction site incidents that are caused by someone other than an employer, including accidents due to:

  • Defective tools and machinery
  • Scaffolding that has been poorly constructed
  • Accidents with motor vehicles
  • Negligence of architects, engineers, or non-employer contractors

A Greensboro construction site accident attorney will help you to determine if there is anyone you can pursue your injury claim against.

Getting Help from a Greensboro Construction Site Accident Attorney

At Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers, firm founder Herb Auger takes the lead on all accident claims involving construction injuries. Herb Auger started his career handling work injury claims in New York more than 25 years ago before moving to North Carolina to provide advocacy for local construction workers.

Today Auger & Auger provides comprehensive legal representation to people throughout Greensboro who experience construction injuries from falls, falling objects, burns, crushing injuries, and a host of other tragic accidents on construction sites.

Our Greensboro personal injury lawyers know that an injury can end your career and have a profound impact on your financial stability, and we will work hard to make sure you have the money you need to move on.  Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how a Greensboro construction site accident attorney can help you.