Raleigh Truck Accident Lawyer

The I-95 corridor always tops the United State’s busiest highway list, and also it’s most deadly.  In non-peak travel times, an average of 72,000 vehicles per day use I95, including more than 10,000 trucks.  I-95 is not the only major Raleigh area roadway making the list of the nation’s busiest highways.   I85 ranks 10th busiest highway in the country, and although not on the top 10 list, the traffic on I40 is legendary.   With any major highway, there come plenty of tractor-trailers trucks.  Truck accidents can be particularly devastating because of their weight and lack of maneuverability. A fully loaded semi truck can weigh up to 40 tons, but it does not have the ability to accelerate, brake or turn as quickly or as efficiently as a car.

Our Raleigh truck accident attorneys have the experience you need to successfully resolve your truck accident claim.  We have over 40 years combined legal experience, and have seen first hand the serious and sometimes fatal injuries that occur as the result of an accident with a truck.  With so much at stake, you can be sure that the insurance company for the truck is going to be out conducting its own investigation, and taking steps to protect itself from having to pay a large amount of damages.  You deserve the same protection, and Auger & Auger can help.  When you call for your free consultation, we will discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident, your injuries, and your rights and options.  Once retained, we will immediately gather evidence to prove the other party was negligent.  The most frequent cause of truck accidents include sideswipe accidents when the truck does not see the car, hit from behind accidents because the truck is following too closely and cannot stop in time, and from trucks making tight turns.


Federal Law Restricts Hours Driven

Federal law restricts the number of hours a trucker can drive.  As of July 2013, new federal laws limit a truck driver’s workweek to 70 hours, a decrease from the previous 80 hours a week maximum. Once a driver reaches the 70-hour maximum, that driver must rest for 34 consecutive hours.  Many drivers, however, are paid by the number of miles driven or the amount of deliveries made.  This provides incentive for both drivers and their employers to disregard the law in order to make more money.  Truck drivers are required to keep a log of their hours on and off the road and it is not uncommon for these logs to be manipulated.

Raleigh Truck Accident Lawyers In Your Time of Need

Many victims of truck accidents are suffering from debilitating injuries, lost wages, months of medical treatment ahead, and mounting medical bills. Some victims lose their lives in trucking accidents. If you or a loved one was involved in a Raleigh truck accident, call a truck accident attorney immediately after you seek medical treatment. Do not contact an insurance adjuster; they are not looking out for your best interests. During your free consultation we will discuss your injuries, rights and options.  If we determine that we can help, we will aggressively pursue your case.  Our staff will take all necessary measures to make sure you are receiving proper medical treatment, while we collect the evidence to prove the negligence of the trucker.  Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers has more than 40 years joint legal experience that we will bring to your truck accident claim. Our truck accident attorneys have the knowledge of both state and federal trucking laws along with the skills to obtain the best settlement we can on your behalf.  If we are unable to recover a fair settlement, we are more than ready to take your case to court. We will not charge a legal fee until we resolve your case.