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Columbia Aviation Accident Attorney

Though many people board planes with butterflies in their stomach most flights do, of course, begin and end without issue. Human error, lack of maintenance, and equipment malfunction all occur in the air but they aren’t your only risk; runway incursions lead to accidents on the ground as well. When negligence leads to injury, Auger & Auger’s Columbia aviation accident attorney is ready to fight on your behalf.

Thanks to news reports and even dramatic films, when most people hear of an airplane accident, they are quick to picture a plane falling from the sky. The reality is that most aviation accidents happen before takeoff or during a landing. These occurrences are called runway incursions and according to the FAA, they are a problem that can and should be addressed immediately.


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The ABC’s of Runway Incursions

The FAA’s statistics show there were 8 Category A/B runway incursions recorded in 2017, 19 in 2016, and 15 in 2015. Of those 42 incursions, 18 involved commercial aircraft. The FAA divides runway incursions into four categories:  

Category A – collisions were only narrowly avoided;

Category B – there would have been a collision if there had not been time-sensitive evasive or corrective action taken;

Category C – the pilot had what is considered ample time to avoid a collision;

Category D – there were no immediate risks to safety.

The agency states that any incorrect presence at an airport is a runway incursion. For example, there may be a person on a protected surface. In other instances, the ‘incorrect presence’ may be a vehicle or another aircraft. In serious incidents, a pilot is not able to avoid colliding with the object and injuries result. Our Columbia aviation accident attorney knows that the most dangerous of incursions happen when either 2 aircraft are on the same runway at the same time, or they are both on separate runways that end up coming together.

Airport Hazards — Costly But Preventable

The South Carolina Code of Law defines an airport hazard, in part, as a “condition, occurrence or activity that endangers the lives and property of users of an airport.” SECTION 55-9-250 also says that hazards are a public nuisance which should be prevented by police power and the expenditure of public funds.

The law advises that the person who created the hazard on private property is responsible for the costs of its removal. In other words, if a person is found guilty of causing the dangerous situation on the runway, they are not only responsible for injuries that were caused, but also for the costs associated with making the runway safe.

Auger & Auger Has You Covered

Whether your injuries were sustained in an airborne incident, or on the ground, you have important legal rights to be protected. Having our Columbia aviation accident attorney on your side — and dedicated to seeking justice — makes a big difference when you’re taking on large corporations with unlimited bank accounts.  

We are a family business and have been representing aviation accident victims for decades. At Auger & Auger, we have worked to build a client-based business to be proud of. No one should have their physical and financial health destroyed by medical bills and lost wages that were the result of a preventable action. We promise to take every step necessary to put our best case forward; ensuring you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. We work on a contingency basis and offer a zero-free guarantee so that cost doesn’t get in the way of your having the best legal representation possible.  
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