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Samsung Smartphones Causing Fires

New Galaxy Note 7 We use our cell phones for a variety of things. At a minimum, people use their phones to stay connected to loved ones. At most, people use their smart phones as a sort of life-controlling device. We text, keep track of appointments, surf the Internet, post to social media, navigate and more using these handheld machines. But what happens when those devices pose a threat to your family?

Samsung has had major difficulties with their new Galaxy Note 7, and those difficulties are proving to be disastrous for consumers. If you haven’t hear the news, Samsung’s latest offering has been causing fires across the country. Spontaneously bursting into flames, the devices have been the cause of minor damage and major destruction. Here’s the latest.

To date, there have been more than 100 reports of overheating Notes around the globe. Every one of the 1 million phones that have been sold currently are subject to recall. All sales and shipments of the phone have been stopped, and the company is working with cellular carriers and government agencies to exchange the units that have gotten into the hands of consumers.

But why are these phones bursting into flames? The answer is quite simple. These phones, like others, use lithium ion battery packs to supply their power. The liquid contained in these batteries is highly flammable. Once the battery pack becomes punctured, there is a direct line for electricity to make its way to the liquid. If the liquid overheats too quickly, there can be an explosion.

Any phone has the capability of catching fire, but Samsung is experiencing a problem that other manufacturer’s haven’t. The working theory is that the company brought negative and positive poles into contact during manufacture, and that squeezing placed too much pressure on the battery. Although there is no proof, it is believed that the battery may not know when it is completely charged.

In almost every instance of fire, the phone has been plugged into the wall and charging. If the phone doesn’t know the charge cycle is complete, it continues to feed electricity into the cell. This is causing an overheating situation and, in some cases, fire.

If you have purchased a Note 7, do not use it. Instead use another phone call your cell phone carrier for exchange information. If you don’t want a second Note 7, you may exchange your current one for a different Samsung model or get a full refund.

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