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Don’t Buy Into These Misconceptions About Your Tires

two new tiresThink of your tires as the foundation of your vehicle. Without the proper set of tires, your car is going nowhere fast. Because they are so important to your vehicle, the wrong tires, or even those that are in poor condition, can put you in danger of a collision. If you have been buying into the following misconceptions about tires, it’s time that you stop.

1. Relying on Your TPMS

Most new cars on the road today have a tire pressure monitoring system. This is the system that will let you know if one or more of your tires is underinflated. Relying on this system alone is a mistake. By the time your TPMS warns you of an issue, your tires are at a pressure that isn’t safe for driving. The TPMS is a system that is meant to act as a last minute warning so, if it lights up, fill up immediately.

2. New Tires Go In Front

It’s not unusual for people to replace two tires at a time to save on cost. There is a popular myth that says the two new tires purchases should be put on the front. Don’t argue with your mechanic when they tell you the tires should be placed in the rear. They are absolutely correct.

3. Max Press Is the Same as Burst Pressure

When you read that sticker on the door jamb of your vehicle, you will see a max press or maximum pressure number. Many people believe that if they fill their tires with air past this point, the tires will burst. This is not the case. The max press number indicates the pressure that your tires need to be filled to in order to carry the maximum amount of weight. While it’s best to inflate your air as the manufacturer suggests, a few PSI over isn’t going to cause a blowout.

4. Tires with the Same Numbers Are Always the Same Size

Your vehicle takes a certain size tire. You believe that you can go into a store, pick out a tire with the “right” numbers and be certain that you are buying the correct ones. Not always so, say the experts. A tire, for example, that is numbered 225/35R19 from one manufacturer may be slightly out of measurement when compared to the same numbered tire from a different manufacturer.

Your tires are a vital component of your vehicle. Understanding exactly how tires behave and how you should treat them is vital to your safety. If you have questions about tires, your mechanic or any certified auto technician can help you.

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