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The Top Eateries in Charlotte

North_Carolina_barbecue_hushpuppies_baked_beans_red_cole_slawWhether you live in Charlotte or are planning a visit, there is no doubt you are going to get hungry at some point. It can be easy to miss some of the city’s top culinary delights if you don’t know where to look. When you feel like grabbing a bite to eat, here are some fantastic options that shouldn’t be skipped.

1. 300 East – Dilworth

If we were forced to give you only a single reason to visit 300 East, it would be the welcoming patio. You won’t find this kind of ambiance anywhere else. This family-owned establishment has been a staple of its neighborhood for more than 25 years. The chef’s use local ingredients in their dishes, and the waitstaff welcomes diners like long-lost family. Sit down for a mouthwatering selection of burgers, fish tacos and desserts.

2. Bill Spoon’s Barbecue

It can be difficult to visit the South without treating yourself to a heaping plate of barbecue, and why wouldn’t you? Bill Spoon’s has been serving visitors for over 45 years, and the originator’s grandson is running the business today. The menu includes an array of traditional barbecue dishes, including pulled pork dripping in hickory smoked sauce. Be prepared to loosen your belt before the end of your meal.

3. Bonterra – Dilworth

You’re looking for something a bit more refined, Bonterra may be it. Dine on fried lobster tail, lamb ribs and salted caramel trifle inside this 110-year-old revamped church. If wine is your thing, you will find over 200 options by the glass and another 300 available by the bottle. Seasonal specials include Appalachian ramps and soft-shell crabs.

4. Luna’s Living Kitchen – SouthEnd

You’re a bit green. Maybe you’re even a bit crunchy. Let out your inner flower-child at Luna’s. Living Burritos, Rawco Taco salad and gingerade are all popular among diners. This raw-foods cafe is a must-try if you’re in the city. No one says that one healthy meal has to have you munching on broccoli for the rest of your days but, after a lunch at Luna’s, you just may get the urge.

5. Lang Van Vietnamese – Shamrock/The Plaza

Everyone remembers that old sitcom where everyone knew everybody’s name. Think of Lang Van Vietnamese as the food version of that popular drinking establishment. No matter what time you enter the eatery, you will find it packed with locals. Turn yourself into a regular and you can expect the staff to remember your order along with your name.

No matter which of these fantastic establishments you decide to visit, we want you to stay safe. If you do happen to be injured in North Carolina, we are here for you. Call our Charlotte personal injury attorneys for a free case evaluation and let us tell you how we can offer our assistance. Call now.

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