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Concussion Dangers on the Playground

set-of-red-chain-swings-on-modern-kids-playground Most parents know that there are dangers associated with contact sports like football and hockey. Safety gear is available for these sports, helping to ensure that children are kept as free from injury as possible. What many parents don’t consider to be hazardous is a good romp on a playground. Whether at school or in the public park, playgrounds pose a danger to little ones, especially a danger of concussion.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 20,000 children aged 14 and younger suffer some type of brain injury on playgrounds each year. The same study found that the rate of concussions is on the rise among young children.  The CDC can’t pinpoint what is causing this rise, but it is recommending that parents, guardians and school staff supervise children as they participate in recess and play on playground equipment.

Playground Equipment Dangers

The two pieces of equipment that are responsible for the most injuries are monkey bars and swings. Poorly assembled and poorly constructed equipment is often the cause for injuries, but even well-made equipment can be dangerous. Playground equipment should be set up on sturdy surfaces and used only as they are made to be. This means that children shouldn’t be jumping from swings, standing on monkey bars and the like.

Compensation for Injuries

Where the playground is located will make a difference in how you seek compensation. If your child is injured in a public park, you may have a case for premise liability against the city. If your child is hurt on the daycare or school playground, you could have a case against the care facility or school.

If your child has suffered a brain injury or concussion as a result of a playground accident in Charlotte, an experienced premises liability lawyer can help you determine if you have a case and against whom. Our personal injury attorneys are happy to speak to you at no cost and help you determine if you have a case for personal injury or premise liability. Reach out to our team today to schedule your appointment for a free case evaluation.

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