Supervision is Essential Near the Pool

Author: Auger Law | July 1st, 2016

Inflatable armbands for children safetySummer is here and the weather is, at times, unbearable. Families are flocking to pools in an effort to cool off. Public pools and backyard pools are provide relief from the summer heat, but they also provide a risk, especially for children under four. Across the nation, drowning is the leading cause of death for these little ones.

Many people hold misconceptions about drowning. People think that drowning is noisy and full of splashing. The truth is, drowning is often silent and can happen in only minutes. It is essential that parents and guardians supervise children at all times near water.

Lack of Attention

When people hear about children drowning, they are often quick to point the finger at the adults who were supervising them. When the details are released, it is frequently learned that the parent or guardian only lost track or the child or turned their head for seconds. In the case of backyard drownings, the person in charge often thought that the child was inside of the home.

A sense of security can be dangerous. As with anything in life, people tend to let their guards down the more they do something. This includes visiting the pool. It can be even more true for families who have a pool in their own yard.

Another risk is the number of adults that are nearby. Other parents and lifeguards at a public pool can lull adults into a false sense of security. Parents may observe their children more casually, feeling as though there are plenty of people keeping an eye out for all of the children preset. It’s important to remember that it can take less than a minute for a child to drown. Parents and guardians should remain vigilant at all times.

Safety Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed any time a child is near water or has access to a swimming pool:

  • Anyone with access to a pool should know how to swim.
  • Life jackets should be worn by young children.
  • Visual supervision is important at all times.
  • A secure fence with locking gates should surround any pool.
  • Parents and guardians should know drowning CPR.

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