Charlotte Aviation Accident Lawyer

Flying can be dangerous, and crashes can cause death or permanent injury.  When an accident does occur, the aviation attorneys at Auger & Auger provide legal representation to injured victims and their families when the accident involves wrongful death.

Aviation accident cases often raise complex legal questions because it may not always be clear where a case should be filed, especially if the airline was a national or an international company. Determining who was responsible and proving a case against the defendant can also be challenging since evidence is often difficult to recover after a crash.  Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers has a long track record of successfully representing accident victims involving complex litigation.  We can put our legal experience to work to help you and your family prove your case and pursue your rights for a monetary settlement.

Your Rights After an Accident

Aircraft accidents can occur on:

  • Sightseeing and tourist planes
  • Private aircrafts
  • Air ambulances or Medevac planes
  • Corporate aircrafts
  • Commercial flights
  • Charter flights

Whenever an accident occurs, you need to identify who the defendants are that may be held accountable for losses.  In some cases, it is the pilot or the airline that failed to fulfill legal duties and exercise reasonable care.  In other situations, air traffic controllers make mistakes and legal action can be brought against the Federal Aviation Administration.  If the problem is with the plane or its parts, those who manufactured the aircraft or its components can be sued due to product defects.  If mechanics did not do their job, they can be held responsible for a resulting accident.

While federal and local authorities typically investigate aircraft accidents, obtaining the information from their investigation can be a challenge.  Auger & Auger will help you file subpoenas and otherwise take steps to obtain the evidence you need to determine who is to blame.  We can help you decide who to pursue a claim against, and will work hard to put together a strong personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Getting Help from a Lawyer

Compensation after an aircraft accident should make you whole for the injuries sustained or for the death of a loved one. This can include medical costs and the loss of wages that will not be earned due to the accident and resulting injuries.

For those who survive the crash, compensation should be available for pain, suffering and emotional distress the accident caused. For those whose loved ones are killed, the company, individual or agency responsible for the crash should pay for lost companionship and the loss of the deceased’s love and support.

Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers is committed to providing the legal representation that clients need after an aviation incident. With more than five decades of collective experience, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill necessary to represent you after a plane crash occurs.  Call Toll Free: (800) 559-5741 today to talk to a Charlotte aviation attorney to learn more.