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Charlotte Premises Liablility Lawyer

Charlotte Premises Liability Attorney

If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property, you may be able to collect monetary damages from the property owner or whoever else is currently using the property to help pay for your injuries. You may also be due compensation for lost wages and more. Working with an experienced Charlotte premises liability lawyer can help you ensure that you take the correct steps to protect your rights and receive the compensation you deserve.

Common Types of Premises Claims

  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Criminal assaults
  • Unsafe and hazardous buildings

Proving Liability in Charlotte Premises Liability Cases

Simply getting injured on someone’s property isn’t enough to hold them legally responsible for your injuries. In Charlotte, you have to prove that the property owner or whoever is currently using the property knew or should have known that there was a dangerous condition on the property and that they ignored it and didn’t repair it.  Some typical situations where a property owner may be legally accountable for an injury on their property could include situations that involved:

  • Ice, oil, wax or other slip-inducing substances on floors
  • Unsafe floor coverings like loose rugs, tiles or floor boards
  • Uneven or broken stairs or stairs that aren’t up to code
  • Sidewalks that are cracked, uneven or not properly maintained
  • Cords or wires across walkways that aren’t properly covered or taped down
  • Unsafe conditions that weren’t roped off or clearly marked
  • Failure to provide signs or other warnings for any unsafe situations
  • An attack by a dog that was kept on the property and known to be dangerous
  • Criminal Assault such as shooting, stabbing or rape on property where the owner failed to provide adequate security

Working with a Charlotte Premises Liability Lawyer to Maximize your Recovery

By hiring one of our talented Charlotte Premises Liability lawyers at Auger & Auger to handle your case, you will be taking the proper steps to ensure that your case will be treated with the utmost care and that you will receive the best possible legal outcome.

Our Charlotte Premises Liability lawyers can help you recover financial compensation for your injuries and any expenses related to those injuries including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Time missed from work
  • Career retraining
  • Pain and suffering

If you or a loved one has been injured on another person’s property in Charlotte, you want a caring, interested attorney focused and working on your case. Call us today to explore your options and learn more about how we can help you put this unfortunate situation behind you. We offer free, no obligation consultations and are happy to answer any questions you might have about the process. Call us now and let us begin working on your case today.

The list of prior client settlement results and client reviews/testimonials, do not constitute a promise of any particular result in any particular case, as each and every case is unique. Each case was handled on its own merit, and the outcome of any case cannot be predicted by a lawyer or law firms past results.

If a recovery or settlement by trial is made, the client will be responsible for costs advanced in addition to attorney fees. Client remains responsible for costs, expenses and disbursements, including medical bills, within the scope of representation. The attorney’s contingency percentage will be computed prior to the deduction of expenses from the total recovery.

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