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Charlotte Verdicts And Settlements

Success Record*

The following is a partial list of results we have achieved for our clients.

$1.4 Million Auto/Bike Accident – Client was an avid cyclist who sustained a closed head injury and fractures requiring surgery when struck by a car that failed to yield the right of way.

$1.2 Million Workers Compensation – Settlement for client who sustained brain trauma from a fall at work.

$490,000 Automobile/Defective Tire– Passenger underwent multiple wrist surgeries following a single car rollover accident due to high-speed and a defective tire.

$700,000 Truck Accident – Construction worker sustained permanent back and spine injuries when involved in a trucking accident with a defendant that ran a red light.

$300,000 Gunshot Wound – Structured settlement for minor child who was shot by another minor who gained access to his parent’s handgun. Settled for policy limits on the eve of trial.

$700,000 Wrongful Death – Driver on way home from golf trip falls asleep and crosses center line resulting in a head on collision.

$300,000 Motorcycle Accident – Teenager changes lanes and runs biker off the road resulting in traumatic heel injury.

$100,000 Boating Injury – Client sustains traumatic foot injury while wading in Lake Wylie when struck by propeller of boat. Settled for policy limits.

$400,000 Automobile Accident – Settlement at mediation for client who sustained a closed head injury in a failure to stop at a red light crash.

$200,000 Construction Site – Welder falls from a defective scaffold and sustained foot fracture requiring surgery.

$250,000 Fractured Hip – Client suffered a hip fracture with surgical repair as the result of a failure to yield car crash.

$135,000 Dog Bite – Settlement for client who sustained facial injury and scarring when attacked by a Rottweiler while visiting family.

$325,000 Trucking Accident – Client sustained severe arm injury requiring skin grafts when car she was operating was cause to rollover when struck by a truck from the rear.

$100,000 Dog Attack – Young female sustained multiple bite wounds to leg while biking when attacked by a German Shephard that had a prior bite record.

$100,000 Golf Cart Rollover – Passenger in golf cart receives permanent scarring to lower leg when driver makes sharp turn at high speed causing cart roll on its side.

$325,000 Automobile Accident – Client sustained fractured femur in head-on collision requiring orthopedic surgery.)

$75,000 Golf Cart – Passenger in golf cart has surgery to repair fractured ankle when golf cart is struck from rear causing it to overturn. Horseplay was involved.

$150,000 Stop Sign – Case settled on eve of binding UIM arbitration. Client sustained injury in accident where other driver ran a stop sign. Client had elbow injury requiring surgery.

$100,000 Day Care Injury – Structured settlement for child who sustained multiple lacerations requiring plastic surgery when sink collapsed on him at day care facility.

$100,000 Animal Attack – Settlement for client who sustained shoulder injury when knocked to ground by client’s dog while performing home inspection.

$100,000 Workers’ Compensation – Settlement for client that had an amputation of two fingers in work accident.

$225,000 Automobile Accident – Driver runs red light causing side impact collision with client’s car resulting in multiple fractures requiring surgery.

$85,000 Day Care Injury – Settlement for minor who sustained hairline skull fracture while in day care.

$190,000 Drunk Driver – Structured settlement for a minor that sustained fractured femur when struck by car that was operated by an intoxicated driver.

$110,000 Dog Attack – Neighbors Akita attacks young female leaving permanent scarring from bite marks to ear, shoulder, arm and back.

$100,000 Construction Site – Construction worker receives work comp settlement for shoulder injuries from fall from a scaffold at work.

* This list does not constitute a promise or guarantee of any particular result in any particular case. Each case was handled and resolved on its own merit, and the outcome of any particular case cannot be predicted by a lawyer’s or law firm’s past results. Unless otherwise specified, each of the above matters was contested on liability and/or damages, the opposing parties were represented, the matters involved complex legal and/or factual issues, and the law firm was successful in collecting the amounts stated.

Whether by settlement or jury verdict, the attorneys at the North Carolina law firm of Auger & Auger have worked vigorously to help our clients obtain the monetary compensation that they deserve for their injuries and losses. We are proud of our proven record in representing clients in a variety of legal matters, including personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, auto, truck and motorcycle claims, animal attacks, day care accidents, assault and battery claims and construction site accidents. With over 50 years combined legal experience, we have handled and resolved thousands of cases.

The list of prior client settlement results and client reviews/testimonials, do not constitute a promise of any particular result in any particular case, as each and every case is unique. Each case was handled on its own merit, and the outcome of any case cannot be predicted by a lawyer or law firms past results.

If a recovery or settlement by trial is made, the client will be responsible for costs advanced in addition to attorney fees. Client remains responsible for costs, expenses and disbursements, including medical bills, within the scope of representation. The attorney’s contingency percentage will be computed prior to the deduction of expenses from the total recovery.

The principal office for Auger   Auger Law Firm is located at 717 S. Torrence St., Suite 101, Charlotte, NC. The attorneys and staff of Auger   Auger Law Firm work and process all of the firm’s files at the principal office location in Charlotte, NC. Other office locations listed on our website are satellite offices that are not staffed daily. Satellite offices are operated for the convenience of our clients and who live outside of the Charlotte, NC metro area and are unable to meet with us at our principal office location. All meetings at our satellite offices must be made by appointment only. Phone numbers for satellite offices forward to our principle office location in Charlotte, NC.

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