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Charlotte Intersection Collisions Lawyer


Also called t-bone, or side-impact collisions, intersection collisions often occur at a high rate of speed, may involve a driver that has run a red light, and can cause serious injury or death.

The Charlotte car accident lawyers at Auger & Auger are acutely aware of the severity of injury that can be caused by an intersection crash. With our main office situated in close proximity to the trauma center at Carolina Medical Center, the sounds of ambulance sirens and helicopters landing on the nearby rooftop are frequently heard. Even with the advent of side-impact airbags, the sides of a car are particularly vulnerable, and can leave a driver or passenger at risk of a more serious injury than might occur in say, a rear-end collision.

Injury And Death Claims In Charlotte NC

As children, we are taught that green means go, yellow means slow or caution, and red means stop. But for many drivers, yellow means speed up so that you can beat the red light, and for these drivers, a red light is optional. And if you think that the running of red lights is happening more often, you are correct. According to the Federal Highway Administration, the number of collisions due to a driver running a red light increased by 18% in a six year period.

Red light runners cause almost 1,000 wrongful deaths every year, and 90,000 people will suffer serious injuries. North Carolina drivers run red lights and stop signs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Trying to beat a red light
  • Inexperience, improper judgment of distance
  • Distracted driver
  • Aggressive driver
  • Poor visibility, weather conditions
  • Drunk driving

Intersection Collisions Often Cause Head Injuries

The damages caused by accidents caused by someone who has run a red light amount to over $14 billion every year. The severity of a high speed intersection collision can cause a traumatic brain injury.

When the head strikes an object with such force that the brain moves inside the skull, a concussion occurs. A concussion can even occur even if the head does not come in contact with anything inside the car but is shaken so violently that the brain moves within the skull. In a side-impact collision, such as being t-boned in an intersection, the head can be violently whipped from side to side without actually striking the interior of the car, and a concussion may still result. Loss of consciousness does not have to occur in order to suffer a concussion.

Typical concussion symptoms include memory loss, change in mood, sleep disturbance, sensitivity to light and/or sound, imbalance, dizziness, headache, difficulty concentration, blurred vision, and repetitive conversation. Treatment for a concussion ranges from rest, prescription medication, hospitalization for observation, and in severe cases, cognitive therapy.

Charlotte Intersection Collision Attorneys In North Carolina

Consulting with an experienced Charlotte intersection accident attorney at the initial stage of your case is critical so that a timely investigation can be conducted on your behalf. Often times in an intersection collision, both drivers may claim to have a green light. Many intersections, however, are equipped with red light cameras that can prove which vehicle ran the red light, but the data from these cameras are only stored for a very short period of time.

In the hours and days that follow a car accident, the insurance company will be working to build their case against you. They may try to take your tape-recorded statement to try to get you to say things you don’t mean, or to minimize your injury. The insurance company may even offer a fast, low-ball settlement. Auger & Auger is on your side.

When you contact Auger & Auger, your consultation, as well as the call, is free. All consultations are confidential, and we do not charge a legal fee unless we obtain a settlement for you.

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