South Carolina Truck Accident Lawyer

When a truck accident takes place there are usually multiple vehicles involved in the crash, with several drivers and passengers badly hurt or even killed. A police report will, of course, be made, but that’s not what you want to rely on to stake your claim. Calling your South Carolina truck accident attorney with Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers is one of the most important actions to take — whether you have already been transported to the hospital or are still on the scene.

Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately, to retain a skilled and compassionate advocate who will stand by you to make sure you receive the compensation deserved. The following three questions and answers will give you a quick perspective prior to your free consultation:

  • What are my rights after a truck accident?
  • How can I obtain compensation after a truck accident?
  • How can a South Carolina truck accident attorney help me?

What are My Rights after a Truck Accident?

There will be an arduous process of investigating and pursuing any truck accident case, and witness statements, photographs and charts will all be invaluable for your case. Everyone harmed in the collision will have the right to pursue a claim for compensation if the truck driver was to blame for the incident.

Truck accident victims have a right to be paid monetary damages for the losses that they’ve incurred from the crash — as long as it can be proved that the accident occurred because the truck driver was careless or violated rules of the road; or the accident was the result of mechanical malfunctions.

Not only could the truck driver be held personally responsible if they caused the accident to occur, but also the company which employs this person to drive their vehicle. Commercial carriers generally have higher insurance limits on their vehicle and business insurance policies, as compared to passenger vehicles, because of the higher amounts of liability they must carry.

How Can I Obtain Compensation after a Truck Accident?

The truck companies and their trained insurance adjusters will already be gathering evidence onsite to minimize the amount of money they will have to pay. Time is critical to gathering evidence, so let us provide you with the assistance you need.

Within hours of retaining our firm, our team of truck accident investigators will be sent to the scene to gather evidence to support your case. Your South Carolina truck accident attorney with Auger & Auger will make certain that all responsible parties are pursued, and fight for maximum compensation for what you have endured.

No matter whom the claim is made against, you can have the option to resolve the case through a negotiated settlement — or by going to court. Whichever route is taken, Auger & Auger will fight for a fair settlement and is ready to take on big insurers on your behalf. We can also help you present evidence in court to maximize the chances of your prevailing and receiving the compensation you deserve.

How Can a South Carolina Truck Accident Attorney Help Me?

If you have been hurt, or your loved one has been killed in a collision involving a truck, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the most competent legal help to hold the driver and trucking company accountable. Retaining a local truck accident attorney from Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers also means you will have a consistent point of contact you can rely on for any questions or complications that arise. Contact us today for your free consultation!