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The Fatal Five: 5 Motorcycle Safety Myths and Misconceptions

Motorcycles and riders, circa 1980sWhen it comes to highway accidents in the United States, 11% can be attributed to motorcycles. Unfortunately, while owning and operating a motorcycle can provide a sense of exhilarating freedom, your chances for serious injury or death are higher than that of any other vehicle’s driver.

People hold the assumption that accidents involving motorcycles are due to reckless driving on the part of the motorcycle operator. This is not always the case. Here we will clear up five of the most common motorcycle safety myths and misconceptions.

1. Aggressive driving by motorcycle operators causes accidents.

Contrary to what you may have come to believe, the majority of accidents involving motorcycles are actually caused by the other driver involved in the accident. Why? Because motorcycles can be difficult to see, and they often go unnoticed by drivers of cars and trucks.

2. Potholes and inclement weather contribute to thousands of motorcycle accidents.

The truth of the matter is this: Weather and poor road conditions were the cause of approximately 2% of al motorcycle accidents in 2012. Motorcycles driven by trained operators are stable and safe enough to drive on most roads and in most weather conditions.

3. The younger the operator, the more dangerous he or she is.

Of all motorcycle deaths, 47% occur in the over 40 age bracket. Researchers attribute this to both inexperienced driving and the new, more powerful motorcycles that are available today. Over the last 10 years, the fatality rate for those motorcycle operators over 50 years of age has increased by a dramatic 400%.

4. High speeds are a factor in most motorcycle crashes.

Motorcycle drivers do have a reputation for driving at high speeds, but that reputation may have been ill-earned. The average recorded speed for a motorcycle involved in an accident is 22 mph. What is more accurate to say is that speed is a factor in the majority of accidents involving supersport motorcycles. 57% of these accidents cite speed as a factor.

5. Motorcycle riders are safer on side streets than they are on highways.

This seems to make sense but, upon further thought, you can see why it isn’t true. Unlike side streets, vehicles on highways are all traveling in the same direction. There are no pedestrians, no stop signs to run, and fewer objects littering the roadside. Statistically, motorcyclists are safer on the highway than they are when driving through the city.

Motorcycle accidents, no matter the cause, can be very serious for all involved. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact the law offices of Auger & Auger for assistance. We can assist you in making any necessary claims, and we can get you the compensation that you seek. Even if you are not at fault, seeking legal advice is always the best course of action. Call us today!

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