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Protecting Children on Playgrounds

close up of little girl on a playground swing The calendar says that it is officially autumn, but on a few days lately it has felt like mid-July. As we deal with summer-like temperatures, children are taking advantage by spending afternoons and evenings on the playground.

It’s not only families; drive past a school during your lunch hour and you may see little ones swinging from tires and climbing on monkey bars. Parents and teachers alike are taking every opportunity to get children outside before the cold weather sets in. While it may be good for children to exercise, playgrounds pose dangers that adults should be aware of. Don’t let your attention wane simply because summer is over.

Adult Supervision

Proper adult supervision can help to ensure that children do not sustain injuries on the playground. Do not allow children to use equipment outside of the ways it was intended. Don’t take your eyes of kids to check your cell phone or to speak to another adult. Keep your attention on the children and if you see a little one behaving in a way that isn’t safe, have them sit down for a bit.

Equipment Check

Before children are allowed to play on equipment, give it a quick once over. Look for loose bolts and screws. Be sure that the equipment is stable. Also check for issues like wasp nests. If you notice any hazards on the playground, look for signage that tells you who owns or operates the play area and advise them of what you have found. Don’t let children play on any equipment that doesn’t appear safe.

Teaching Kids

Children don’t know what we don’t teach them. Tell your children about expected behavior on a playground. Your kids should know how to use equipment properly, how to treat other children who are playing and when to find an adult. If you notice that your child is not following the rules, take them off of the playground, have a talk with them and try again.

Contained Playgrounds

Some playgrounds are contained with netting or ropes. Before you allow your child onto the equipment, look for any tears or rips in the netting. Make sure that spaces between strings and ropes are not so wide that your child’s head could slip through and become caught. Don’t allow your child to wear any clothing with drawstrings and have them remove any jewelry they are wearing.


More cities than ever have spraygrounds or splash pads for children. If you take your child to one of these play areas, make sure that you read the posted rules and share them with your child. Do not let your child drink the water in order to minimize the risk of illness.

The temperatures are high — don’t forget about playground safety while enjoying the weather with your little ones. If your child is injured on a playground in Charlotte, you have legal rights. Call our premises liability lawyers today to schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation. We will review the details of your child’s accident and help you make the best decisions for your family.

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