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Charleston Aviation Accident Attorney

Although large numbers of fatalities are infrequent, debilitating injuries can be suffered from airplane turbulence, passenger aggression, rough landings, oxygen depletion, and more. The aftermath of any aviation accident can be disturbing (causing emotional distress and PTSD) because you’re in a situation with no control and everything at risk.

Fortunately, an Auger & Auger Charleston aviation accident attorney is always available to speak with you and advise you of the rights to which you are entitled. Making certain your medical needs are attended to first, we will investigate the scene and circumstances to determine who is accountable – and pursue a claim with maximum compensation for your damages; including pain and suffering.

Human Factors of the Flight Crew

If you’ve ever felt uncertain about the capabilities of pilots flying a huge airliner, this pilot’s handbook should leave no doubt in your mind. Pilot instruction is one of the most detailed endeavors a civilian can take on. It’s not a question – they’ve undertaken exhaustive training for everything from flight instruments and aircraft construction, to aeronautical decision-making and weather theory.

It’s the human components which contribute to accident-prone behavior: extended hours of flying, shift changes, in-and-out hotel stays, FAA regulation changes and re-certifications, family relations, intoxication, and more. These factors can add physical and emotional strain to a career where a finely tuned focus is mandatory for every flight.

Charleston Aviation Accident Attorney

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The Realities of Charleston Aviation Accidents

The Charleston International Airport served slightly less than 4 million passengers in 2017, the busiest year on record. For such a busy airport, the safety record is daunting – a commercial airline was the last fatal crash, occurring on 9/11/74. The Eastern Airlines DC-9-31, a departure flight from Charleston International Airport, suffered 72 passenger and crew fatalities as it botched its landing in Charlotte, North Carolina. This catastrophe was caused by loss of altitude awareness during random pilot chatter in the cockpit.

Though we don’t usually think of fatal airplane crashes as occurring very often, the United States did report fatalities in 325 airliner accidents in 2017, but with a death toll of only 11 persons. These figures do not include private corporate jets, military transport or hijackings. The FAA cites that in-flight loss of control accounts for most fatal accidents (mostly due to stalls), and that these crashes generally involve pilot error; with bad weather listed as the #1 culprit.

With more than its fair share of bad weather and a rapid growth in the tourism and freight industries, Charleston is to be commended on its flight safety records. However, everything is subject to change – and it will continue to take government support and the personal ethics of airline industry employees to ensure public safeguards remain intact.

Drones Adding Risk to Charleston Aviation

Helicopters have yet another risk to consider now – that of drones coming into their low-flying territory. Maneuvering around tall buildings is one thing, but trying to steer clear of another ‘remotely manned’ aircraft is an entirely different feat. Federal Aviation Administration rules for unmanned drones include the stipulation that they are flown ‘within eyeshot of their remote pilots’ and kept out of airspace containing manned aircraft. Unfortunately, these regulations have not proven simple to enforce.

In 2017 there were 2,100 drone sightings near airplanes or airports, with 20 reported in South Carolina. In February of 2018, the Charleston Observer reported what is thought to be the first drone-related crash of a U.S. aircraft. A Robinson R22 helicopter turned on its side during an unbalanced landing; caused by losing control after hitting a tree while trying to avoid a DJI Phantom quadcopter drone.

Auger & Auger Has the Team You Need

Should you or a loved one be an injured party in an aviation accident, you can count on us to go the extra mile toward pursuing the compensation you deserve. Our Charleston aviation accident attorney team has an extensive background in aviation law – from local to international – with the additional support and invaluable technical knowledge of our contracted technical professionals.

Our practice offers a Zero-Fee Guaranty, so you will not suffer the risk of a retainer without receiving any compensation. When we win your case, we will deduct the relevant attorney fees at that time.

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If a recovery or settlement by trial is made, the client will be responsible for costs advanced in addition to attorney fees. Client remains responsible for costs, expenses and disbursements, including medical bills, within the scope of representation. The attorney’s contingency percentage will be computed prior to the deduction of expenses from the total recovery.

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