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Charleston Truck Accident Attorney

Auger & Auger of Charleston offers clients nearly 40 years of combined expertise in the practice of personal injury. When it comes to selecting a Charleston truck accident attorney, you would be hard pressed to find a more industry-knowledgeable and attentive legal firm as your advocate.

If you or a loved one has suffered damages (including injury or fatality) from a Charleston truck accident, don’t hesitate to contact our office right now at (843) 751-4690 for immediate help, solid advice, and a free consultation.

Charleston’s Auger & Auger truck accident attorney will be at your side, fighting for a just settlement and, if necessary, representing you in court with compelling evidence to ensure your financial and medical obligations are compensated accordingly.

What’s Causing Charleston Truck Accidents?

While navigating through congested highways filled with interstate and local traffic, the pressure is on. The increase in online shopping has also placed a high demand on shipping cross country. Companies looking to cut costs and the low supply of qualified truck drivers has led to an increase in trucking accidents nationwide.

Although there are federal regulations in place regarding hours driven per day, etc., not everyone follows the rules. The effect of lack of sleep can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. A second leading cause of Charleston area trucking wrecks is driver error, whether it be reckless or distracted driving. The increase in the use of cellphones has added to this dilemma.

Why Are There So Many Trucks in Charleston?

Dating back to the very roots of this nation our historic city of Charleston has been an iconic point of entry, and a model for advanced freight import and export. As the 4th largest container seaport on the East Coast, the Port of Charleston ranks #1 in customer satisfaction by supply chain executives and its expansion caters to the largest container ships in the world.  

The obvious ‘law of attraction’ is evidenced by the existence of over 150 trucking firms operating in Charleston. As a result of South Carolina’s economic reliance on Charleston as a national shipping hub, ‘transmodal’ transportation (transferring unopened contents by rail, local delivery trucks, and semi-trailers) is putting even more pressure on our beleaguered public roadways.

Interstate 26 is the primary artery in and out of Charleston and from only 2 miles out of the port terminals you can literally travel across the country, and not hit one stoplight. Tragically, I-26 ranks 12th in the top 25 most deadly highways in the U.S. – with the city of Charleston comprising the most fatalities along this interstate.

Though road improvements are taking time and will need more political backing – what we can do is focus on driver awareness and support whatever safety enhancements will better address the juxtaposition of economy vs. quality of life.

Safety Measures – Avoiding Blind Spots

With trucks taking up so many lanes these days, it is difficult to maneuver around them without entering their ‘blind spot.’ This is the #1 mistake you can make because when they don’t see you in their mirrors they might change lanes right into you.

Charleston Truck Accident Attorney

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Careless auto drivers will erratically swerve in and out of small openings in highway lanes. But it’s a much bigger problem zipping in front of trucks and semi-trailers without a thought given to the length of time it takes them to stop. Time to perceive, react, brake and fully stop a semi-trailer (6 seconds) will seem like a lifetime when you’re looking in your rearview mirror. And, if you happen to be tailgating the truck you might slide up right underneath it if you’re unable to stop in time.

Your best preventative measure is to be proactive and really ‘steer clear’ of trucks entirely. Give them the right of way, and more if necessary. They are just too big, too heavy and much less capable of making immediate adjustments; add weather problems to the mix and catastrophes are in store.

Choosing the Best Legal Team is Essential

If you have been involved in a truck accident in the Charleston area, chances are there will be grave injuries and severe vehicle damage.  Hiring the right attorney to start the investigation is critical following a trucking injury claim. The highway patrol will primarily be concerned with getting everyone medical attention, gathering identifications for their report, and directing traffic around the event. Reopening the road is critical to these responders, as backups can cause additional wrecks – and repetitive long delays can easily impact the local economy as well.

Should an incident like this occur, your stress, fear, and injuries can be overwhelming – and you will want to look after your personal needs as soon as possible. Whether you are still at the scene or in the hospital, our team of experts will come to you. Taking immediate action is vital to collecting and preserving evidence, as well as protecting your rights – regardless of any accusations or presumptions of fault, innocence or guilt that might have been voiced.  

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