How do I recover from a motorcycle accident?

Well, not everyone has health insurance. Health insurance is not mandatory in North Carolina on your vehicle. Some states have “no-fault.” If you’re in a wreck, no matter whose fault it is, that vehicle has health insurance to pay your medical bills.

North Carolina does not have no-fault, they have medical payment coverage, which is usually $1,000.00 or $2,000.00 (if a client has that coverage) but it only pays your bills up to that amount. And, a lot of insurance companies will not write medical payment coverages on motorcycle policies.

So health insurance is where you would have to look and if you don’t have health insurance – and a lot of people do not – there are going to be a lot of bills out there that you’re going to owe. It can be very difficult if you cause the wreck and you don’t have insurance or health insurance, very difficult on a person financially. We’ve seen that, and it’s harsh.


Can a motorcycle accident cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

It could certainly cause PTSD, but in order to succeed on this claim the other party has to be at fault and your PTSD must be well documented by your medical doctor. The doctor would have to say that the PTSD that you’re suffering is in direct relation to the accident. And, of course, the insurance company will want prior medical history just to make sure that’s not something you suffered with before the accident.

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