The first time clients call in after they’ve had an accident, what are the most common questions they have?

Herb: Do I need a lawyer?  A lot of people ask, do I need a lawyer?  Why do I need an attorney?  Or, can I handle this on my own?  After we speak with them, give them advice for fifteen minutes, a lot of them are like wow, we didn’t know that.  Can you help me?

They didn’t know that they could get depreciation on their vehicle and the insurance company never told them that they could file for loss of value to their car when the repairs were complete.  A lot of callers also do not know that they have medical payments coverage. Their own insurance company never told them they had medical coverage available on their insurance policy.  We have saved callers thousands of dollars.

Based on our experience when clients come to us after they tried to settle it on their own, insurance companies always take one-third off the table.  They’re never going to pay you what they would have paid you with an attorney.

Studies have shown that when using a lawyer, you’re getting more money out of that settlement, you’re getting the right value for your property damage, which we usually help people with for free. You’re getting money for your depreciation.

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